Saturday, March 28, 2015

saturday browsing

saturday morning is the time for browsing my favorite blogs or websites and daydreaming about wishful purchases 

1. hello - lilly pulitzer for target is looking awesome; i'm really not into lots of lilly prints but the gold espadrilles, pineapple sandals, yellow romper, navy beach bag, and bar accessories are some of the things i will be lining up for when it is available april 19th 

2. one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is @teilduncanart . she is an amazing oil painter based in Charleston, SC . i would love love love to have one of her beach scenes and cow paintings one day - see her prints at 

3. i also drool over all of Zoe Chicco's rings i would freak over a small stack of dainty gold rings

4. after a week of unhealthy eating at the beach i am ready to get back into the swing of my clean eating - i have been browsing - they always have great recipes on their website and Instagram page

5. i want this suit in my swimsuit collection

6. and i want this easter setting in my china collection 

7. hours of my saturday mornings are wasted away looking at house plans and day dreaming about a cozy cottage in the woods

8. after reading this article from loony magazine i am almost certain that Molly Sims and i would be best friends. I love her home and her want for a good couch over a good dress!

9. i became a fan of Sadie Robertson when she was on dancing with the stars. after watching this video she posted on youtube i am an even bigger fan!

what are some of your favorite blogs and websites?
i love hearing from you!

happy saturday,

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