Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

happy friday folks,

so i came here and told you i was going to start eating cleaner and healthier and then i disappeared again - well i have been busy recipe testing and i am back today to share a fast and easy on-the-go salad you are sure to love!
i found something like it while i was stalking health blogs last weekend and decided to try it. not having everything on hand i just whipped up my own version and it was amazeballs!!

the shrimp is just left over from dinner the night before that i like to save for a cold salad the next day

what you will need for the tuna salad:

1 pouch (or can) of tuna in olive oil
2 hard boiled eggs diced
about 3 tablespoons of diced onion
1/2 of an avocado diced  
1 tablespoon of dijon mustered
1/2 tablespoon mayonnaise
salt and pepper to taste

this is the mustered and mayonnaise i used but i'm sure whatever 
you have on hand would be fine

it is super filling for a make ahead lunch on the go with crackers or a spoon :)

in style news i have been online browsing this morning preparing for spring <3
i love spring time, the warm weather, and bright colors

Anthropologie is having 20% off spring dresses right now - so i pulled together a few that i and loving

i think i would live in this denim shift dress all spring and summer, and this bird swing dress is everything - i have a thing for birds and the colors navy and purple <3 i wish i would have spotted this earlier we have my favorite event of the year next weekend (phi mu parents weekend) and i would have definitely worn this beaut, i wish i had somewhere to wear this sweetheart roses dress , it's so great!

they also have a few great deals on their sales rack - i have my eye on these two things to carry over for next fall

i normally look through the site, add things i love to my cart, and close my laptop without buying a thing - thankfully i can get enough satisfaction out of looking and being inspired to create outfits out of my our closet - sometimes after a few days if i can't get my mind off of an item ill go back and buy

happy browsing


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