Thursday, February 26, 2015

plot twist

like i was saying yesterday, i'm back today to share something new with the blog

i'm really into documentaries on netflix these days - i know - i'm real cool
anyways, after reading about other people watching Food Inc and Madison [one of the most unhealthy eaters i know] telling me how unreal, great, disturbing, and pretty much life changing all at once it was i decided to watch it.
it changed my whole outlook on what i eat
obviously it is hard to eat 100% organic for many reasons
one being it's pretty expensive and another being just because it says organic doesn't mean its good, so you have to be educated about it

Madison and I are planning a visit our friends at White Oak Pastures soon to learn more about their grass feed beef and fresh vegetable sales

here on the blog i plan to share helpful things i learn along the way about different foods i have found to make it easy to eat clean and healthy on a budget

I think it's important to be clean not only on the outside but on the inside too

stay tuned for new recipes and favorites

what do you think about clean eating? tell me in the comments, i would love some advice


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