Wednesday, February 25, 2015

i don't even know...

i am so behind on the blog i don't even know where to begin...

i have some free time this morning so i'm going to take you back to the layered crepe cake i promised you 100 years ago.

if you don't recall that promise - i made it for my friend carlie's birthday dinner and it was a hit!!

you can find the original recipe here 

i had to use brandy instead of cognac and baileys instead of marsala [thats all the drive through liquor store had ha ha] but it all tasted great to me!

also Publix in my area doesn't have mascarpone cheese so i found a recipe for it here

and here she is!
i had so much anxiety fun making this cake
i had only made crepes once before at christmas with Kelly [and she really did all the work]
so i had a great time flipping these things out for the first time

if you like sweets but not super sweet sweets, this cake is for you!! 
it is definitely one of my new favorites
try it, you will love it!

and here's carlie blowing out her one candle :) 

happy birthday carl, i love ya!

tomorrow i'm going to share some exciting changes to the blog - you'll want to come back and see!


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