Thursday, February 5, 2015

herb fail

so last night i had a complete cooking with herbs fail. those fails where it is literally so bad you just throw it away and make a sandwich for dinner...those make me crazy mad!

the night before Madison and i made, you guessed it, spaghetti. and like always we got spaghetti noodles for him and a spaghetti squash for me.
i had a lot of squash left over so in my 'not waisting food' spirit i decided to save it for the next night and make something would have been so good if i wouldn't have made one simple mistake...i'm not going to tell you the recipe until i get it right, but i promise i'll get it right 
my mind was telling me basil but my hands did rosemary...and rosemary just took over

right now i'm on a fresh herb kick
i can't wait to move back in with my parents - oh my gosh did i just say that!? - kelly found a cute little herb garden that the previous owners had growing at the new-to-us house and i can not wait to be able to use it
we have this deal going...they will have me as a no rent roomie as long as i do my part.
i.e. cook and clean
right now i dream about having a set routine [ i love a routine life ] of waking up early, going to my job that i love, coming home to cook a pre-planed dinner, do whatever it is people with 8-5 jobs do at night, and then get to bed early. i may hate it once i'm in it but right now it sound dreamy.

oddly enough i'm really excited about living with my parents new roomies
i will miss my sweet college roommates though...its weird to think how much life is going
to change in the next four months
i'm not going to let myself get started on that. i have lemon poppy seed bread in the oven and don't want it to burn!

tomorrow i am leaving for a girls trip to the north Georgia mountains to celebrate Carlie's birthday...and i have to get around to sharing the cake i made for her actual birthday...i impressed myself

tomorrow a friday five will be here, promise


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