Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Four

sneakers are my new favorite shoe!
i definitely plan on rocking them into spring and summer 
i have been wearing them with everything. i originally loved these and am stilling eyeing them in other colors...but i am very happy with the ones i have and there price tag was great too!


i love everything about this - so comfortable and easy
i think i might actually like those cheetah sneakers...normally i love it on others and stick to grey, blue, black myself but maybe i'll get a little frisky this spring
and i'm notorious for over wearing my denim shirt...i promise i switch out the bottom...sometimes - let's just say i'm not the fashion icon i once aspired to be

and i'm still loving my madewell denim along with everything else in there spring look book

i read a blog post back in July on Amy 
[ radio amy from the bobby bones show ]
i love her style and personality at home and on the show!
she said something at the end about drinking warm lemon water every morning - so i thought what the heck it's not like its going to hurt me

now there are posts all over about how great it is for you...i don't know if it's my mind messing with me but i promise i feel so much better when i take the time to drink the warm lemon water in the morning before breakfast 

|all images via pinterest|

happy friday folks
what are you doing this weekend?

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