Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!!

happy new year folks! i've been away from the blog for so long i don't even know where to start.
thanksgiving came and went and we had a wonderful trip down 30a for a new family tradition that is thanksgiving at the beach.
this is everyone in our young-tabb family minus the 'Cody and the girls bunch' who had to dip out of the trip a little early. it was so nice to have everyone under one roof for the week<3

my big brother came all the way from the golden state. we did some bike ridding, sun bathing, and food talking
some days i really think i want to just pick up and move to seaside when May comes. i can see myself selling t shirts out of a little shop like this post office :) it's like stepping into a whole different world of colorful&classic people and things. 
{colorful & classic; i like the sound of that}

once school started back after thanksgiving i had a week of class and a week of finals which brought on procrastination baking...
one key thing i learned about myself and what i want this blog to become is that i really love to be in the kitchen. i love to start something from scratch, create it, and then get great satisfaction out of devouring it myself or watching someone else enjoy it.

so i made lots and lots of sugar cookies. which i also learned isn't really my favorite cookie
my sweet friend Danielle got married right when we got out of school for Christmas break so it was back to 30a for me. 
(i also really suck at decorating sugar cookies so...there's that)
here i am with the beautiful bride <3 
Danielle, your wedding was the perfect representation of you and John. I loved everything about it and enjoyed being by your side so much.
yes, i also chopped my hair off during finals...its still a love hate relationship. i'm still learning how to fix it and wash it every day

then christmas week was here before i knew it and i got to spend some good quality time with my 87 year old BFF. she is full of funny information that i love to learn about!

once i get back to valdosta and get my life unpacked i will share more about what santa brought me this year. but these two things couldn't wait.
i whipped them out christmas night
i'm a grown up...i got a stand up mixer
and if you have been reading i have been wishin' for the pioneer woman cooks cookbook so i was so excited to look through it 
{more on that book later}
kelly got a food processor so we brought out both of our toys and made crepes for dinner christmas day. (two thumbs up) when i try to recreate them i will share the recipe
i also made short bread cookies that are my new favorite. {from the pioneer woman} and this baking mat was a gift that i have already grown to love!!

 since most of my loyal readers are family you already know between madison and i we have about 100 8 families to see on the holidays. i'm glad i have him to do it all with <3 he let me read him the Tory Burch In Color book all the way to cartersville and stayed completely interested the whole time ;)
and what did i do to ring in the new year?
i had four wisdom teeth yanked out of my head and spent it on the couch...
so when everyone says "if last night was any indication of what 2015 will be like it's going to be great" or whatever, i'm still laying on the couch hoping my year and face looks way different than it did on the 31st. 

but santa brought the brothers ole miss bowl game tickets so i had three little nurses to take care of that turned 6 on the 30th and shared some of her cake with me

whheww that was a lot...if i messed anything up i'm still floating on anti inflammatories. i promise to be back soon and share the fun DIY's i did this christmas  


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