Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday Folks


y'all know i love beauty products by now...i'm not very good at actually using them but i have been trying extra hard lately to spice up my skills. my sister on the other hand is awesome at all things beauty and she gave me this pallet for my birthday <3 reasons i love it: it has everything i need to get ready in one place. i'm not a foundation girl i just throw on some powder to cover up my dark spots and then this has the bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipgloss!! i played with the darkest color on the right as eyeliner because i don't wear eyeliner unless i have to get dressed up in which case i try to use it and then end up thinking i look way to done up and tell myself i'm never wearing it again. anyways, i love this thing and think it is totally worth the purchase. all things urban decay have impressed me so far.

i'm back on my binge netflix watching kick 
and on season 10 of greys!!!
i'm always looking for a new show to fall in love with so if your loving something
share it with me!?
know in advance that i have a very unhealthy relationship with the I.D channel and i have promised
myself i will not watch it anymore!
i get so sucked into those stories and then fall asleep...4am rolls around and just as the murderer is kidnapping the girl it wakes me up and i know for sure there is someone lurking in my bedroom...
maybe thats why i'm am having sleeping problems these days...

if you read my blog and wonder why i don't do a friday five every weeks its normally because my life is pretty boring or as i like to say #basic so i can't come up with 5 things that i think will actually interest sorry in advance :)

i do have a new favorite store though!
i normally don't like to buy online until i have actually been to a store front and seen/felt the products to know that they are a good quality [i have sad stories of ordering online, not realizing the company is bogus, and i don't get my sweater until June when i no longer need it or worse don't get the product at all]
so i have been doing my favorite thing - creating a shopping cart and then never really ordering the stuff - on i know it's a legit company they are owned by the same company as j.crew and we all know my love for j.crew 
but once i found out i was going to Charleston and there was a two story madewell there i decided to hold off my purchase until i could get to the real deal and have the full on shopping experience...sometimes online shopping with the 5-6 day wait just isn't good enough for me
it didn't disappoint
once i go to another on of their stores in another city i'll let you know if i'm correct
but i know for sure the store in Charleston really pushes their customer service and i love that!
i guess i pay attention to customer service a lot because i will soon be making a living based on customer service but they are so helpful there! 
and i am loving the jeans i got!!
i could go on and on but i wont...check it out, i know you will love it

i have been so excited to share these books with everyone
i know i have mentioned my love for instagram before - i have this fear that one day it will
disappear and all of my beloved pictures will be gone (first world problems)
i found the PERFECT solution
it's an app you download to your phone that prints your instagram pictures into little books of 60 photos. you can choose to have your captions or not and if you want to leave a picture out.
every 60 pictures it asks you if you would like to pay for your next book...and the best part is
they are $6.00 each!
i have my very own promo code that will allow you to get your first book
here's my stack <3

and to save the best for last
my sweet friend carlie made me this mug for christmas
i love homemade gifts <3
and i love that she included the blog
i know i can count on her to read every post and give me her feedback

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