Thursday, January 15, 2015

Charleston, SC 2015

lots of pictures up in here today

this is the cute little bed and breakfast we stayed at for the two nights we were in Charleston
The Elliot House if your interested in a little get away

we ate A LOT while we were there

saturday morning we had our breakfast delivered to our room instead of the courtyard was quite chilly out!

then we hit king street where i had breakfast number two and did some shopping

callie's hot little biscuits is the smallest, cutest place i have every been to
i love a small warm bite with a good rich flavor
biscuits are their thing. they have several different kinds and each day they have a different biscuit sandwich
they also have a cookbook that i am wishing i would have picked up!! i would love to master the perfect breakfast biscuit...nana says its all about the texture

then we had lunch at fleet landing on the water
of course i love brunch and on saturday they serve it until 3 so i went for the brunch menu

i had a crab cake over cheese grits with poached eggs and another biscuit 
it was amazing to say the least

we also found this cute little kitty in a historic graveyard that wanted to come home with us

madison has this weird thing about not wanting to hand a stranger a phone or camera to take a picture so this is the only picture of the two of us i got but i love it

and i didn't document dinner but it was awesome
we ate at Pearlz Oyster Bar who's chef had a Chopped episode that aired two nights before we were there!
i have been meaning to find his name and episode. i love that show.

hopefully i can get in some more cooking this week! it's the first week back to classes and my last semester!!!


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