Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

the cheese cake for madison's birthday dinner went pretty great for a first timer!
i was really A.D.D that day trying to get everything cooked and prepared for the night so i forgot to take lots of pictures
[i like to make birthdays for other people a big deal]
its a celebration of the person and their life and a reason to have a party so why not make it a big deal?!

heres my homemade cake crust and ingredient getting room temperature 

aren't all of my measuring cups the cutest things you have every seen?
i think i have already talked about these glass dolls but they deserve a second appearance

and those other pretty measuring bowls were another gift from my best friend Haley who said "i thought you would like these for your blog thing" <--- maybe i should do a post on my awesome friend that is my polar opposite in almost every way possible so y'all can see how cool she is too 

you can find the measuring cups from Haley here and the glass russian dolls from KK here 

i love pretty kitchen tools and both of those spots have beautiful things 

 and this is some cheesy garlic-ey goodness bread i made for Madison's dinner...i think since we have been dating or at least since we have been dating in college he has always asked for spaghetti for his birthday dinner...i always like a challenge and want to try something new and most of the time he is willing to be my taste tester but on his birthday i always just give the guy what he asks for...spaghetti
a loaf for 7 grain bread from the bakery
cut almost all the way through horizontally and vertically 
melt about a stick of butter and some fresh chopped garlic
chopped parsley as much as you like
shredded mozzarella cheese
pour butter mixture, parsley, and cheese over bread
bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until cheese is melted

it will pull right apart! 

and here is the one and only with his frosty mugs Dad and Kelly gave him for night we were at the mexican restaurant we always meet at halfway between thomasville and valdosta and Madison mentioned how one day when he has a fancy house he is going to have frosty mugs to drink his beer from...well you only have to mention something once and kelly is on it...she won best gift of the year this year for sure. and there's the birthday banner I made put together. all the letters come in a box and you spell out what you want! i can't wait to make a banner for everyones birthdays!

my birthday was thursday and we decided to give each other a trip, instead of a gift that neither of us really need. we went to Charleston, South Carolina and i fell in love

tomorrow ill share the few pictures i took and the yummy places we ate


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