Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Young Drummond Page 92, 173, and 186

sunday night was tex-mex night here in my Young Drummond kitchen 

 I made Restaurant-Style Salsa from page 92
i really like the idea of making my own Mexican food because you never know what kind of things
are in the three dollar enchilada meals at your local Mexican spot

oh and here's the pretty fresh flowers i picked up while i was stalking up for this meal...i love to have flowers in the house. these have opened up so pretty now
 great news! my chopping skills are getting a little better. these are some of the ingredient that the salsa calls for
i loaded mine up with cilantro. i love cilantro, it gives you that extra taste your looking for
 this recipe makes a ton!!
which i love because that gives me a change to wrap up some extra and take it to friends <3

moving on to the White Chicken Enchiladas on page 186
something i loved learning about when making this dish: how to make roasted peppers 
it was super easy and the flavor you get from them is unreal

 put them on the top rack of your oven on broil until the skin is almost completely black
then Ree says to put them in a gallon sizes bag to let steam - but i didn't have one so a bowl covered in plastic wrap worked fine for me
 this is the all of peppers after they have been skinned and diced.
[i love these cutting sheets. this one is the larger one and the smaller sizes is shown were i am chopping the raw jalapeño up above with the salsa...they are from a local kitchen shop, Relish in Thomasville. they have great grip on the bottom to keep from slipping on the counter]

 so the chicken mixture is where i got a little confused. mine was extremely liquified 
the recipe calls for a cup of chicken broth and a cup of heavy cream...i'm thinking maybe i should have let it sit and simmer a little longer to thicken up?
this is one of the two dishes of the final enchiladas...yum

i always feel awkward when i say "it was so good" "it was delicious"
when i was under the wether from my wisdom teeth surgery my dad and i did a lot of food network watching
we kept joking about the different chefs reactions to the things they cook...i swear some react before their taste buds even know whats going on and others [giada] give it a good long mmmm...i do love giada and dream about her healthy classic southern california lifestyle

i also made the Mexican Rice on page 173

rice is seriously the hardest thing to cook so i didn't get any pictures
the recipe calls for 2 to 3 cups of chicken broth but i may have used close to 4
at first 3 seams like a ton but once it gets cooking...i dont know...rice is so hard is all i gotta say.

so then tonight i started thinking...these meals make a ton and i hate to waste

i am going to try to not only make the recipes from Food From My Frontier but also trying to repurpose the left overs into a different meal so i don't have to eat the same thing for three days

most of the recipes are set to serve 8 to 10 people which is great when i have friends willing to be my guinea pigs but it always seems to still leave a lot left over 

i have a three day rule for left overs so tonight was my last chance to use the rice
[of course i will snack and share the salsa until its gone]

i decided on tacos because i had everything on hand 

i always keep ground beef in the freezer
and happen to have a taco packet so..waaallaaa

be back soon


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