Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Young Drummond Page 190

Remember last week when I told you I had more to say about my new cookbook 
well i have decided to work my way through the book and blog about my experiences!!!
sound familiar?
i'm your wanna be Julie and Julia

i've decided to call this portion of the blog A Young Drummond...[play on name]
i will be creating different recipes from the cookbook and blogging about what I liked, didn't like, and what worked and didn't work for me and also any switch and spice ups i may have done
anyways the first recipe i tried was the Herb-Roasted Pork Tenderloin and it was amazing! 
i'm not going to take this time up by showing you pictures of my creating  trying to create Ree Drummon's recipes and then giving you the recipe because i feel like that could be a copy writing issue and if Ree Drummond comes after me i want it to be because she wants to fly me out to her ranch in Oklahoma to cook with her NOT because i have retyped all of her recipes on my blog.
so buy the book and follow along;;if you have tried the same recipe I would love to hear how it worked for you

 i'll show you this page of the book so you can see what the dish should look like
so this meal was roasted veggies of your choice pared with a cornmeal cake and pork tenderloin topped with a peach preserve glaze...I made it for friends Sunday night and they really did all love it I think one said "this tastes fresh and healthy" :)
one thing i already love about this book is that she gives you different options.
she tells you what fruit preserve she used for the glaze and then gives two or three other options. and here she gaves other options for sides if you didn't want to use the veggies or cornmeal cake.
also i love all of her pictures. i'm a visual learner for sure so if i can't look at a picture or video i'm not going to get it

 so much love in one picture...theres my mixer [ i love it so much i would cuddle with it at night if it wasn't so heavy and hard]
and that little glass doll? those are measuring cups KayKay, madison's grandmother, gave me for christmas (world market) I saw them in october when we were up visiting and she snuck them in her cart <3
we used to have a wooden set of stack dolls that I always loved to play with so these bring back great memories
here's my grocery stack...whenever i'm boiling chicken and not using the broth for anything i always try to freeze whats left...in this recipe I needed 6 cups for the cornmeal cakes so i had about two cups frozen and used store bought for the rest 
 if I didn't have this tool in my kitchen all those chopped veggies below would not have happened! it saves me so much time and i really suck at cutting so i would have been a few fingers short by the end of all that
 thats the first thing I've learned...i would love to read a book or really rather take a class on cooking with knifes...when i was trying to cup that butternut squash in half i went back to the knife drawer three times trying to find the right one and then still almost took off my arm trying to cut that sucker in half
note on butternut squash: this was my first experience with it and it is amazing! i will definitely be on the look out for more ways to use them
 and theres the star of the show...and i'm and idiot.
the recipe called for two one pound tenderloins
thank our sweet lord i was on the phone with dad in publix and decided to ask him instead of the butcher if it would be okay to just buy the two pound tenderloin, which was all they had to offer, and cut it in half? 
i get home with that plan in mind dreading the thought of trying to find a knife to cut that two pound thing and realized they sell it already cut in two!!! like i said, thank goodness i asked dad and not the butcher.

when it came to spices in the recipe she made it very easy
the veggies needed olive oil, salt, and pepper and the loin needed herbes de provence which i had never heard of before but loved. its basically a blend of different herbes like rosemary, thyme, and maybe basil

i'm a little embarrassed to show you how mine turned out...i will work on my plating skills too.
why don't i have the cornmeal cake?
well Mrs. Drummond didn't mention that you need to buy yellow cornmeal. she just said cornmeal. so i bought white. nana told me monday when i was telling her how it turned out that "thats good for fryin fish so don't throw it out."
i was to bring the two cups of corn meal and six cups of chicken stock to a boil and then pour it out onto a baking sheet to come to room temperature. 
then cut it into triangles and fry in oil...well maybe it was just my pour frying skills but it turned into 1000 little pieces when i put the meal in that hot oil
once i realized the corn cakes were not happening i decided to make these sour-cream biscuits kelly taught me how to make when i was home battling the wisdom teeth knockout.
they are so easy and yummy leftover with jam or jelly in the morning

Nunny's Biscuits
2 cups self rising flour
2 sticks of butter
1 cup sour cream

thanks it! i didn't say they were healthy i just said they were good.

last thing i learned: all i had in the house was all purpose flour and i didn't have time to run back to the store so i just googled real quick how to make all purpose into self rising and its super easy...if you normally keep all purpose in your house just make sure you have a little salt and baking powder and depending on what your trying to make google will tell you how much of those two things to add...i love that google 

all in all it really was a great meal. we ate, played cards for hours, and all the boys drank out of there cool new yeti cups

right now i have a cheese cake in the oven waiting for Madison the birthday boy's dinner tonight :)

i'll let you know how it goes tomorrow


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