Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Young Drummond's Saturday Brunch

yesterday was a nasty rainy day here in valdosta so i spent most of my afternoon
flipping though cookbooks

i had the idea of a sweet breakfast for this morning 
but i didn't want to get out in the rain i.e. i wanted to use things i already had in my kitchen

page 8 - Homemade Glazed Doughnuts

it is really amazing the thousands of things you can make with sugar, flour,  and a few other things

this recipe called for whole milk and all i had was 2%. the dough turned out fine - don't make a special trip for whole milk if you don't have it on hand

it also called for vegetable shortening which i haven't used before for frying but i did have vegetable oil and it seemed to work fine

last night i made the dough and let it sit in the refrigerator over night
this morning after letting it get to room temperature i rolled it out and then realized 
i didn't have a biscuit i used an easter egg cookie cutter and a small lid to get the center out

the frying was so easy and fast it only took a few seconds per side

and the glaze was super easy to make as well
i'm a huge lover of doughnuts and i loved everything about these. i will definitely be making them again and maybe try a little extra chocolate glaze <3 

while i was waiting for the dough to rise this morning i decided to make something savory to go with 
these super sweet doughnuts

Salsa Frittata
you can really use whatever you like and have on hand
i chose to go with things i had leftover from the week; mushrooms, spinach, parmesan cheese, and the homemade salsa from tex-mex night 

if you haven't heard of a frittata think quiche with no crust or a flat omelet - i love both. really anything with egg.
when i'm cooking for one or two i always go for the frittata because it's easy to make a small portion

you will need:

3 eggs
1/2 cup mushrooms, chopped
1/2 cup spinach, chopped
1/4 cup parmesan cheese, shredded (and a little extra for topping)
4 tablespoons of salsa

turn oven on broil - low and stove burner on - medium heat

if you choose to use other vegetables or meats just put as much or as little as your like
 mix it all together
 before pouring first frittata make sure to butter your pan to avoid sticking

just pour mix in - do not stir 

when you see that the sides are cooked you want to place the whole pan into the oven

this is what it should look like coming out of the oven

if you want one big frittata to slice and serve - pour the whole mixture in a larger pan and do it all at once 
i just like the look for three smaller flips to share 

you could also serve with a side of grits and fruit but with the doughnuts coming up next i didn't want to over do it

happy saturday folks


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Young Drummond Page 92, 173, and 186

sunday night was tex-mex night here in my Young Drummond kitchen 

 I made Restaurant-Style Salsa from page 92
i really like the idea of making my own Mexican food because you never know what kind of things
are in the three dollar enchilada meals at your local Mexican spot

oh and here's the pretty fresh flowers i picked up while i was stalking up for this meal...i love to have flowers in the house. these have opened up so pretty now
 great news! my chopping skills are getting a little better. these are some of the ingredient that the salsa calls for
i loaded mine up with cilantro. i love cilantro, it gives you that extra taste your looking for
 this recipe makes a ton!!
which i love because that gives me a change to wrap up some extra and take it to friends <3

moving on to the White Chicken Enchiladas on page 186
something i loved learning about when making this dish: how to make roasted peppers 
it was super easy and the flavor you get from them is unreal

 put them on the top rack of your oven on broil until the skin is almost completely black
then Ree says to put them in a gallon sizes bag to let steam - but i didn't have one so a bowl covered in plastic wrap worked fine for me
 this is the all of peppers after they have been skinned and diced.
[i love these cutting sheets. this one is the larger one and the smaller sizes is shown were i am chopping the raw jalapeƱo up above with the salsa...they are from a local kitchen shop, Relish in Thomasville. they have great grip on the bottom to keep from slipping on the counter]

 so the chicken mixture is where i got a little confused. mine was extremely liquified 
the recipe calls for a cup of chicken broth and a cup of heavy cream...i'm thinking maybe i should have let it sit and simmer a little longer to thicken up?
this is one of the two dishes of the final enchiladas...yum

i always feel awkward when i say "it was so good" "it was delicious"
when i was under the wether from my wisdom teeth surgery my dad and i did a lot of food network watching
we kept joking about the different chefs reactions to the things they cook...i swear some react before their taste buds even know whats going on and others [giada] give it a good long mmmm...i do love giada and dream about her healthy classic southern california lifestyle

i also made the Mexican Rice on page 173

rice is seriously the hardest thing to cook so i didn't get any pictures
the recipe calls for 2 to 3 cups of chicken broth but i may have used close to 4
at first 3 seams like a ton but once it gets cooking...i dont know...rice is so hard is all i gotta say.

so then tonight i started thinking...these meals make a ton and i hate to waste

i am going to try to not only make the recipes from Food From My Frontier but also trying to repurpose the left overs into a different meal so i don't have to eat the same thing for three days

most of the recipes are set to serve 8 to 10 people which is great when i have friends willing to be my guinea pigs but it always seems to still leave a lot left over 

i have a three day rule for left overs so tonight was my last chance to use the rice
[of course i will snack and share the salsa until its gone]

i decided on tacos because i had everything on hand 

i always keep ground beef in the freezer
and happen to have a taco packet so..waaallaaa

be back soon


Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday Folks


y'all know i love beauty products by now...i'm not very good at actually using them but i have been trying extra hard lately to spice up my skills. my sister on the other hand is awesome at all things beauty and she gave me this pallet for my birthday <3 reasons i love it: it has everything i need to get ready in one place. i'm not a foundation girl i just throw on some powder to cover up my dark spots and then this has the bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipgloss!! i played with the darkest color on the right as eyeliner because i don't wear eyeliner unless i have to get dressed up in which case i try to use it and then end up thinking i look way to done up and tell myself i'm never wearing it again. anyways, i love this thing and think it is totally worth the purchase. all things urban decay have impressed me so far.

i'm back on my binge netflix watching kick 
and on season 10 of greys!!!
i'm always looking for a new show to fall in love with so if your loving something
share it with me!?
know in advance that i have a very unhealthy relationship with the I.D channel and i have promised
myself i will not watch it anymore!
i get so sucked into those stories and then fall asleep...4am rolls around and just as the murderer is kidnapping the girl it wakes me up and i know for sure there is someone lurking in my bedroom...
maybe thats why i'm am having sleeping problems these days...

if you read my blog and wonder why i don't do a friday five every weeks its normally because my life is pretty boring or as i like to say #basic so i can't come up with 5 things that i think will actually interest sorry in advance :)

i do have a new favorite store though!
i normally don't like to buy online until i have actually been to a store front and seen/felt the products to know that they are a good quality [i have sad stories of ordering online, not realizing the company is bogus, and i don't get my sweater until June when i no longer need it or worse don't get the product at all]
so i have been doing my favorite thing - creating a shopping cart and then never really ordering the stuff - on i know it's a legit company they are owned by the same company as j.crew and we all know my love for j.crew 
but once i found out i was going to Charleston and there was a two story madewell there i decided to hold off my purchase until i could get to the real deal and have the full on shopping experience...sometimes online shopping with the 5-6 day wait just isn't good enough for me
it didn't disappoint
once i go to another on of their stores in another city i'll let you know if i'm correct
but i know for sure the store in Charleston really pushes their customer service and i love that!
i guess i pay attention to customer service a lot because i will soon be making a living based on customer service but they are so helpful there! 
and i am loving the jeans i got!!
i could go on and on but i wont...check it out, i know you will love it

i have been so excited to share these books with everyone
i know i have mentioned my love for instagram before - i have this fear that one day it will
disappear and all of my beloved pictures will be gone (first world problems)
i found the PERFECT solution
it's an app you download to your phone that prints your instagram pictures into little books of 60 photos. you can choose to have your captions or not and if you want to leave a picture out.
every 60 pictures it asks you if you would like to pay for your next book...and the best part is
they are $6.00 each!
i have my very own promo code that will allow you to get your first book
here's my stack <3

and to save the best for last
my sweet friend carlie made me this mug for christmas
i love homemade gifts <3
and i love that she included the blog
i know i can count on her to read every post and give me her feedback

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Charleston, SC 2015

lots of pictures up in here today

this is the cute little bed and breakfast we stayed at for the two nights we were in Charleston
The Elliot House if your interested in a little get away

we ate A LOT while we were there

saturday morning we had our breakfast delivered to our room instead of the courtyard was quite chilly out!

then we hit king street where i had breakfast number two and did some shopping

callie's hot little biscuits is the smallest, cutest place i have every been to
i love a small warm bite with a good rich flavor
biscuits are their thing. they have several different kinds and each day they have a different biscuit sandwich
they also have a cookbook that i am wishing i would have picked up!! i would love to master the perfect breakfast biscuit...nana says its all about the texture

then we had lunch at fleet landing on the water
of course i love brunch and on saturday they serve it until 3 so i went for the brunch menu

i had a crab cake over cheese grits with poached eggs and another biscuit 
it was amazing to say the least

we also found this cute little kitty in a historic graveyard that wanted to come home with us

madison has this weird thing about not wanting to hand a stranger a phone or camera to take a picture so this is the only picture of the two of us i got but i love it

and i didn't document dinner but it was awesome
we ate at Pearlz Oyster Bar who's chef had a Chopped episode that aired two nights before we were there!
i have been meaning to find his name and episode. i love that show.

hopefully i can get in some more cooking this week! it's the first week back to classes and my last semester!!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

the cheese cake for madison's birthday dinner went pretty great for a first timer!
i was really A.D.D that day trying to get everything cooked and prepared for the night so i forgot to take lots of pictures
[i like to make birthdays for other people a big deal]
its a celebration of the person and their life and a reason to have a party so why not make it a big deal?!

heres my homemade cake crust and ingredient getting room temperature 

aren't all of my measuring cups the cutest things you have every seen?
i think i have already talked about these glass dolls but they deserve a second appearance

and those other pretty measuring bowls were another gift from my best friend Haley who said "i thought you would like these for your blog thing" <--- maybe i should do a post on my awesome friend that is my polar opposite in almost every way possible so y'all can see how cool she is too 

you can find the measuring cups from Haley here and the glass russian dolls from KK here 

i love pretty kitchen tools and both of those spots have beautiful things 

 and this is some cheesy garlic-ey goodness bread i made for Madison's dinner...i think since we have been dating or at least since we have been dating in college he has always asked for spaghetti for his birthday dinner...i always like a challenge and want to try something new and most of the time he is willing to be my taste tester but on his birthday i always just give the guy what he asks for...spaghetti
a loaf for 7 grain bread from the bakery
cut almost all the way through horizontally and vertically 
melt about a stick of butter and some fresh chopped garlic
chopped parsley as much as you like
shredded mozzarella cheese
pour butter mixture, parsley, and cheese over bread
bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until cheese is melted

it will pull right apart! 

and here is the one and only with his frosty mugs Dad and Kelly gave him for night we were at the mexican restaurant we always meet at halfway between thomasville and valdosta and Madison mentioned how one day when he has a fancy house he is going to have frosty mugs to drink his beer from...well you only have to mention something once and kelly is on it...she won best gift of the year this year for sure. and there's the birthday banner I made put together. all the letters come in a box and you spell out what you want! i can't wait to make a banner for everyones birthdays!

my birthday was thursday and we decided to give each other a trip, instead of a gift that neither of us really need. we went to Charleston, South Carolina and i fell in love

tomorrow ill share the few pictures i took and the yummy places we ate


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Young Drummond Page 190

Remember last week when I told you I had more to say about my new cookbook 
well i have decided to work my way through the book and blog about my experiences!!!
sound familiar?
i'm your wanna be Julie and Julia

i've decided to call this portion of the blog A Young Drummond...[play on name]
i will be creating different recipes from the cookbook and blogging about what I liked, didn't like, and what worked and didn't work for me and also any switch and spice ups i may have done
anyways the first recipe i tried was the Herb-Roasted Pork Tenderloin and it was amazing! 
i'm not going to take this time up by showing you pictures of my creating  trying to create Ree Drummon's recipes and then giving you the recipe because i feel like that could be a copy writing issue and if Ree Drummond comes after me i want it to be because she wants to fly me out to her ranch in Oklahoma to cook with her NOT because i have retyped all of her recipes on my blog.
so buy the book and follow along;;if you have tried the same recipe I would love to hear how it worked for you

 i'll show you this page of the book so you can see what the dish should look like
so this meal was roasted veggies of your choice pared with a cornmeal cake and pork tenderloin topped with a peach preserve glaze...I made it for friends Sunday night and they really did all love it I think one said "this tastes fresh and healthy" :)
one thing i already love about this book is that she gives you different options.
she tells you what fruit preserve she used for the glaze and then gives two or three other options. and here she gaves other options for sides if you didn't want to use the veggies or cornmeal cake.
also i love all of her pictures. i'm a visual learner for sure so if i can't look at a picture or video i'm not going to get it

 so much love in one picture...theres my mixer [ i love it so much i would cuddle with it at night if it wasn't so heavy and hard]
and that little glass doll? those are measuring cups KayKay, madison's grandmother, gave me for christmas (world market) I saw them in october when we were up visiting and she snuck them in her cart <3
we used to have a wooden set of stack dolls that I always loved to play with so these bring back great memories
here's my grocery stack...whenever i'm boiling chicken and not using the broth for anything i always try to freeze whats this recipe I needed 6 cups for the cornmeal cakes so i had about two cups frozen and used store bought for the rest 
 if I didn't have this tool in my kitchen all those chopped veggies below would not have happened! it saves me so much time and i really suck at cutting so i would have been a few fingers short by the end of all that
 thats the first thing I've learned...i would love to read a book or really rather take a class on cooking with knifes...when i was trying to cup that butternut squash in half i went back to the knife drawer three times trying to find the right one and then still almost took off my arm trying to cut that sucker in half
note on butternut squash: this was my first experience with it and it is amazing! i will definitely be on the look out for more ways to use them
 and theres the star of the show...and i'm and idiot.
the recipe called for two one pound tenderloins
thank our sweet lord i was on the phone with dad in publix and decided to ask him instead of the butcher if it would be okay to just buy the two pound tenderloin, which was all they had to offer, and cut it in half? 
i get home with that plan in mind dreading the thought of trying to find a knife to cut that two pound thing and realized they sell it already cut in two!!! like i said, thank goodness i asked dad and not the butcher.

when it came to spices in the recipe she made it very easy
the veggies needed olive oil, salt, and pepper and the loin needed herbes de provence which i had never heard of before but loved. its basically a blend of different herbes like rosemary, thyme, and maybe basil

i'm a little embarrassed to show you how mine turned out...i will work on my plating skills too.
why don't i have the cornmeal cake?
well Mrs. Drummond didn't mention that you need to buy yellow cornmeal. she just said cornmeal. so i bought white. nana told me monday when i was telling her how it turned out that "thats good for fryin fish so don't throw it out."
i was to bring the two cups of corn meal and six cups of chicken stock to a boil and then pour it out onto a baking sheet to come to room temperature. 
then cut it into triangles and fry in oil...well maybe it was just my pour frying skills but it turned into 1000 little pieces when i put the meal in that hot oil
once i realized the corn cakes were not happening i decided to make these sour-cream biscuits kelly taught me how to make when i was home battling the wisdom teeth knockout.
they are so easy and yummy leftover with jam or jelly in the morning

Nunny's Biscuits
2 cups self rising flour
2 sticks of butter
1 cup sour cream

thanks it! i didn't say they were healthy i just said they were good.

last thing i learned: all i had in the house was all purpose flour and i didn't have time to run back to the store so i just googled real quick how to make all purpose into self rising and its super easy...if you normally keep all purpose in your house just make sure you have a little salt and baking powder and depending on what your trying to make google will tell you how much of those two things to add...i love that google 

all in all it really was a great meal. we ate, played cards for hours, and all the boys drank out of there cool new yeti cups

right now i have a cheese cake in the oven waiting for Madison the birthday boy's dinner tonight :)

i'll let you know how it goes tomorrow


Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!!

happy new year folks! i've been away from the blog for so long i don't even know where to start.
thanksgiving came and went and we had a wonderful trip down 30a for a new family tradition that is thanksgiving at the beach.
this is everyone in our young-tabb family minus the 'Cody and the girls bunch' who had to dip out of the trip a little early. it was so nice to have everyone under one roof for the week<3

my big brother came all the way from the golden state. we did some bike ridding, sun bathing, and food talking
some days i really think i want to just pick up and move to seaside when May comes. i can see myself selling t shirts out of a little shop like this post office :) it's like stepping into a whole different world of colorful&classic people and things. 
{colorful & classic; i like the sound of that}

once school started back after thanksgiving i had a week of class and a week of finals which brought on procrastination baking...
one key thing i learned about myself and what i want this blog to become is that i really love to be in the kitchen. i love to start something from scratch, create it, and then get great satisfaction out of devouring it myself or watching someone else enjoy it.

so i made lots and lots of sugar cookies. which i also learned isn't really my favorite cookie
my sweet friend Danielle got married right when we got out of school for Christmas break so it was back to 30a for me. 
(i also really suck at decorating sugar cookies so...there's that)
here i am with the beautiful bride <3 
Danielle, your wedding was the perfect representation of you and John. I loved everything about it and enjoyed being by your side so much.
yes, i also chopped my hair off during finals...its still a love hate relationship. i'm still learning how to fix it and wash it every day

then christmas week was here before i knew it and i got to spend some good quality time with my 87 year old BFF. she is full of funny information that i love to learn about!

once i get back to valdosta and get my life unpacked i will share more about what santa brought me this year. but these two things couldn't wait.
i whipped them out christmas night
i'm a grown up...i got a stand up mixer
and if you have been reading i have been wishin' for the pioneer woman cooks cookbook so i was so excited to look through it 
{more on that book later}
kelly got a food processor so we brought out both of our toys and made crepes for dinner christmas day. (two thumbs up) when i try to recreate them i will share the recipe
i also made short bread cookies that are my new favorite. {from the pioneer woman} and this baking mat was a gift that i have already grown to love!!

 since most of my loyal readers are family you already know between madison and i we have about 100 8 families to see on the holidays. i'm glad i have him to do it all with <3 he let me read him the Tory Burch In Color book all the way to cartersville and stayed completely interested the whole time ;)
and what did i do to ring in the new year?
i had four wisdom teeth yanked out of my head and spent it on the couch...
so when everyone says "if last night was any indication of what 2015 will be like it's going to be great" or whatever, i'm still laying on the couch hoping my year and face looks way different than it did on the 31st. 

but santa brought the brothers ole miss bowl game tickets so i had three little nurses to take care of that turned 6 on the 30th and shared some of her cake with me

whheww that was a lot...if i messed anything up i'm still floating on anti inflammatories. i promise to be back soon and share the fun DIY's i did this christmas