Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sesame Glazed Salmon

last night for dinner I made sesame glazed salmon with baked "fried" green tomatos

[i've been working on my food art]
[[it still needs a lot of work]]

For the Salmon:
preheat oven to 350 degrees
i bought right over 1 pound and it fed one hungry man and two little ladies perfect
in a mixing bowl mix:
1 cup soy sauce
3 tablespoons brown sugar
sprinkle with sesame seeds

taste the mixture - it should taste similar to a teriyaki - add more soy sauce for a salter taste or more brown sugar for a sweeter 

pour over salmon filet in oiled baking dish...i let sit skin side up for about 30 minutes while the tomatoes baked
flip over salmon to skin side down and bake until it flakes when cut (about 20 minutes)

this is the recipe i used for the baked "fried" green tomatoes
these are one of those mind set foods...if you go into it thinking it's going to taste like a yummy greasy fried green tomato you may be disappointed BUT if you let it get good and crispy in the oven you will really love it!

quinoa and brown rice blend was one side which unfortunately i did not enjoy...i wish i did but i just didn't! on to test another brand?

and then a simple salad - i buy the organic girl 50/50 blend
i get bored with salad dressing easily so finding something new and tasty really excites me

you know that salad dressing at the Japanese restaurants that looks like a clump of baby food? i love it!! and this tastes just like it!

what are some for your favorite salmon recipes?

try this one, you'll love it!


Monday, March 30, 2015

tar-jay finds

it's no secret i love target
but these gold slides just validated that even more for me

you can find them in most target locations or online here -currently 20% off making them a $19.99 you can not say no to
also i just stumbled upon these when retrieving the link for the slides...
i might have to snag these for a formal that's coming up! 

here are a few other pretty things i saw at target over the weekend

a few of these gardening tools may appear in my easter basket post later this week 

Carlie was really loving the pink and navy nautical room accessories 

while i was loving these peach, green, and turquoise accessories 

i also liked the print on this overnight bag

thank you for brightening my sunday afternoon target, and happy monday friends!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

saturday browsing

saturday morning is the time for browsing my favorite blogs or websites and daydreaming about wishful purchases 

1. hello - lilly pulitzer for target is looking awesome; i'm really not into lots of lilly prints but the gold espadrilles, pineapple sandals, yellow romper, navy beach bag, and bar accessories are some of the things i will be lining up for when it is available april 19th 

2. one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is @teilduncanart . she is an amazing oil painter based in Charleston, SC . i would love love love to have one of her beach scenes and cow paintings one day - see her prints at www.teilduncan.com 

3. i also drool over all of Zoe Chicco's rings i would freak over a small stack of dainty gold rings

4. after a week of unhealthy eating at the beach i am ready to get back into the swing of my clean eating - i have been browsing www.whole30.com - they always have great recipes on their website and Instagram page

5. i want this suit in my swimsuit collection

6. and i want this easter setting in my china collection 

7. hours of my saturday mornings are wasted away looking at house plans and day dreaming about a cozy cottage in the woods

8. after reading this article from loony magazine i am almost certain that Molly Sims and i would be best friends. I love her home and her want for a good couch over a good dress!

9. i became a fan of Sadie Robertson when she was on dancing with the stars. after watching this video she posted on youtube i am an even bigger fan!

what are some of your favorite blogs and websites?
i love hearing from you!

happy saturday,

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!
it's spring break and I just got back from a great low key trip to the bay with a few friends

after a week in the sun here are a few quick fashion favorites that i couldn't have lived without

i wore my straw hat and krewe sunnies all week | these sunglasses are great! they are made in New Orleans (plus) and are super light weight (plus) - they also came with a hand written note welcoming me to the "Krewe" that is some good marketing | and for the man in your life, Madison loves his Maui Jim Red Sands , they are also super light weight 

i also lived in these shorts and these wedges 
i'm all about comfortable and practical clothes no matter where i go!

happy weekend,

Friday, March 13, 2015


Happy Friday Friends!!
the weekend is finally here and i am so excited! tomorrow night is my very last 
parents weekend ever
I always have so much fun at this event -it's like having all of my favorite people in one room <3

I decided to use this friday favorites post to share my favorite cocktail that i'll be sipping on at the festivities this weekend (insert martini emoji here)

Moscow Mule

1 shot of vodka
1/2 can of ginger beer
Juice of 1/2 a lime
(best served in a copper mug - that is at the top of my bar cart wish list)

the most refreshing drink you are sure to love!

another favorite from this week - Gap is having a great 40% off sale with the friends and family email code FFBEST or 30% for all other shoppers with the code SPRING - here are a few of my favorites i couldn't live without this spring

happy weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

heathy breakfast favorite

lately the theme of the blog seems to be fast yet healthy food options
today i am sharing one of my favorite on-the-go breakfasts you can make ahead

this dip is great with green apples but i'm sure it would be great with pretzels or other fruit

apple dip:
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 tablespoon plain greek yogurt
1/2 tablespoon honey
a few dashes of cinnamon 

i like to have mine with a slice of multigrain avocado toast

avocado spread:
1/2 one avocado
red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper to taste

sometimes i'll switch out the apple/dip combo for half of a grapefruit
or sometimes i'll do my organic honey cinnamon cereal instead of toast


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pizza Please

one of the hardest things i face when trying to eat clean is all of the 
deliciously, terribly, unhealthy foods i am missing out on
-don't get me wrong i still have things in moderation so i don't go crazy one day and eat an entire pizza- 
a happy meal from chick fil a will normally do the trick!

i have a few easy recipes i'm going to share over the next few days 
that i have been loving so far on this healthy eating kick

so i jumped on the cauliflower crust pizza wagon and i have to say it did not disappoint!!

at this point in your healthy eating i'm sure you have already discovered it's all about your mind set - if you go into something like a cauliflower pizza thinking papa johns, you are going to be disappointed. if you go into it thinking this is something healthy that is good for me and wont leave me bloated and miserable you will be pleasantly surprised!

-for the crust i riced the cauliflower by cutting the heads off of 1 cauliflower and pulsing them in the food processor until it looks like rice
-then place in a microwave safe blow and cook in microwave for about 5 minutes *do not add water the cauliflower will create its own moisture
-mix cauliflower with two eggs
-and 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese

pat out the mixture and shape onto your pizza stone

cook on 400 degrees until lightly brown
(i brushed mine with a little olive oil before putting in the oven)

remove from oven and add desired toppings 

i found a great organic pizza sauce that i really liked
parmesan cheese
add whatever you like!

place back in the oven until cheese is melted and vegetables are tender


Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

happy friday folks,

so i came here and told you i was going to start eating cleaner and healthier and then i disappeared again - well i have been busy recipe testing and i am back today to share a fast and easy on-the-go salad you are sure to love!
i found something like it while i was stalking health blogs last weekend and decided to try it. not having everything on hand i just whipped up my own version and it was amazeballs!!

the shrimp is just left over from dinner the night before that i like to save for a cold salad the next day

what you will need for the tuna salad:

1 pouch (or can) of tuna in olive oil
2 hard boiled eggs diced
about 3 tablespoons of diced onion
1/2 of an avocado diced  
1 tablespoon of dijon mustered
1/2 tablespoon mayonnaise
salt and pepper to taste

this is the mustered and mayonnaise i used but i'm sure whatever 
you have on hand would be fine

it is super filling for a make ahead lunch on the go with crackers or a spoon :)

in style news i have been online browsing this morning preparing for spring <3
i love spring time, the warm weather, and bright colors

Anthropologie is having 20% off spring dresses right now - so i pulled together a few that i and loving

i think i would live in this denim shift dress all spring and summer, and this bird swing dress is everything - i have a thing for birds and the colors navy and purple <3 i wish i would have spotted this earlier we have my favorite event of the year next weekend (phi mu parents weekend) and i would have definitely worn this beaut, i wish i had somewhere to wear this sweetheart roses dress , it's so great!

they also have a few great deals on their sales rack - i have my eye on these two things to carry over for next fall

i normally look through the site, add things i love to my cart, and close my laptop without buying a thing - thankfully i can get enough satisfaction out of looking and being inspired to create outfits out of my our closet - sometimes after a few days if i can't get my mind off of an item ill go back and buy

happy browsing


Thursday, February 26, 2015

plot twist

like i was saying yesterday, i'm back today to share something new with the blog

i'm really into documentaries on netflix these days - i know - i'm real cool
anyways, after reading about other people watching Food Inc and Madison [one of the most unhealthy eaters i know] telling me how unreal, great, disturbing, and pretty much life changing all at once it was i decided to watch it.
it changed my whole outlook on what i eat
obviously it is hard to eat 100% organic for many reasons
one being it's pretty expensive and another being just because it says organic doesn't mean its good, so you have to be educated about it

Madison and I are planning a visit our friends at White Oak Pastures soon to learn more about their grass feed beef and fresh vegetable sales

here on the blog i plan to share helpful things i learn along the way about different foods i have found to make it easy to eat clean and healthy on a budget

I think it's important to be clean not only on the outside but on the inside too

stay tuned for new recipes and favorites

what do you think about clean eating? tell me in the comments, i would love some advice


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

i don't even know...

i am so behind on the blog i don't even know where to begin...

i have some free time this morning so i'm going to take you back to the layered crepe cake i promised you 100 years ago.

if you don't recall that promise - i made it for my friend carlie's birthday dinner and it was a hit!!

you can find the original recipe here 

i had to use brandy instead of cognac and baileys instead of marsala [thats all the drive through liquor store had ha ha] but it all tasted great to me!

also Publix in my area doesn't have mascarpone cheese so i found a recipe for it here

and here she is!
i had so much anxiety fun making this cake
i had only made crepes once before at christmas with Kelly [and she really did all the work]
so i had a great time flipping these things out for the first time

if you like sweets but not super sweet sweets, this cake is for you!! 
it is definitely one of my new favorites
try it, you will love it!

and here's carlie blowing out her one candle :) 

happy birthday carl, i love ya!

tomorrow i'm going to share some exciting changes to the blog - you'll want to come back and see!


Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Four

sneakers are my new favorite shoe!
i definitely plan on rocking them into spring and summer 
i have been wearing them with everything. i originally loved these and am stilling eyeing them in other colors...but i am very happy with the ones i have and there price tag was great too!


i love everything about this - so comfortable and easy
i think i might actually like those cheetah sneakers...normally i love it on others and stick to grey, blue, black myself but maybe i'll get a little frisky this spring
and i'm notorious for over wearing my denim shirt...i promise i switch out the bottom...sometimes - let's just say i'm not the fashion icon i once aspired to be

and i'm still loving my madewell denim along with everything else in there spring look book

i read a blog post back in July on Amy 
[ radio amy from the bobby bones show ]
i love her style and personality at home and on the show!
she said something at the end about drinking warm lemon water every morning - so i thought what the heck it's not like its going to hurt me

now there are posts all over about how great it is for you...i don't know if it's my mind messing with me but i promise i feel so much better when i take the time to drink the warm lemon water in the morning before breakfast 

|all images via pinterest|

happy friday folks
what are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

herb fail

so last night i had a complete cooking with herbs fail. those fails where it is literally so bad you just throw it away and make a sandwich for dinner...those make me crazy mad!

the night before Madison and i made, you guessed it, spaghetti. and like always we got spaghetti noodles for him and a spaghetti squash for me.
i had a lot of squash left over so in my 'not waisting food' spirit i decided to save it for the next night and make something else...it would have been so good if i wouldn't have made one simple mistake...i'm not going to tell you the recipe until i get it right, but i promise i'll get it right 
my mind was telling me basil but my hands did rosemary...and rosemary just took over

right now i'm on a fresh herb kick
i can't wait to move back in with my parents - oh my gosh did i just say that!? - kelly found a cute little herb garden that the previous owners had growing at the new-to-us house and i can not wait to be able to use it
we have this deal going...they will have me as a no rent roomie as long as i do my part.
i.e. cook and clean
right now i dream about having a set routine [ i love a routine life ] of waking up early, going to my job that i love, coming home to cook a pre-planed dinner, do whatever it is people with 8-5 jobs do at night, and then get to bed early. i may hate it once i'm in it but right now it sound dreamy.

oddly enough i'm really excited about living with my parents new roomies
i will miss my sweet college roommates though...its weird to think how much life is going
to change in the next four months
i'm not going to let myself get started on that. i have lemon poppy seed bread in the oven and don't want it to burn!

tomorrow i am leaving for a girls trip to the north Georgia mountains to celebrate Carlie's birthday...and i have to get around to sharing the cake i made for her actual birthday...i impressed myself

tomorrow a friday five will be here, promise


Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Young Drummond's Saturday Brunch

yesterday was a nasty rainy day here in valdosta so i spent most of my afternoon
flipping though cookbooks

i had the idea of a sweet breakfast for this morning 
but i didn't want to get out in the rain i.e. i wanted to use things i already had in my kitchen

page 8 - Homemade Glazed Doughnuts

it is really amazing the thousands of things you can make with sugar, flour,  and a few other things

this recipe called for whole milk and all i had was 2%. the dough turned out fine - don't make a special trip for whole milk if you don't have it on hand

it also called for vegetable shortening which i haven't used before for frying but i did have vegetable oil and it seemed to work fine

last night i made the dough and let it sit in the refrigerator over night
this morning after letting it get to room temperature i rolled it out and then realized 
i didn't have a biscuit cutter...so i used an easter egg cookie cutter and a small lid to get the center out

the frying was so easy and fast it only took a few seconds per side

and the glaze was super easy to make as well
i'm a huge lover of doughnuts and i loved everything about these. i will definitely be making them again and maybe try a little extra chocolate glaze <3 

while i was waiting for the dough to rise this morning i decided to make something savory to go with 
these super sweet doughnuts

Salsa Frittata
you can really use whatever you like and have on hand
i chose to go with things i had leftover from the week; mushrooms, spinach, parmesan cheese, and the homemade salsa from tex-mex night 

if you haven't heard of a frittata think quiche with no crust or a flat omelet - i love both. really anything with egg.
when i'm cooking for one or two i always go for the frittata because it's easy to make a small portion

you will need:

3 eggs
1/2 cup mushrooms, chopped
1/2 cup spinach, chopped
1/4 cup parmesan cheese, shredded (and a little extra for topping)
4 tablespoons of salsa

turn oven on broil - low and stove burner on - medium heat

if you choose to use other vegetables or meats just put as much or as little as your like
 mix it all together
 before pouring first frittata make sure to butter your pan to avoid sticking

just pour mix in - do not stir 

when you see that the sides are cooked you want to place the whole pan into the oven

this is what it should look like coming out of the oven

if you want one big frittata to slice and serve - pour the whole mixture in a larger pan and do it all at once 
i just like the look for three smaller flips to share 

you could also serve with a side of grits and fruit but with the doughnuts coming up next i didn't want to over do it

happy saturday folks


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Young Drummond Page 92, 173, and 186

sunday night was tex-mex night here in my Young Drummond kitchen 

 I made Restaurant-Style Salsa from page 92
i really like the idea of making my own Mexican food because you never know what kind of things
are in the three dollar enchilada meals at your local Mexican spot

oh and here's the pretty fresh flowers i picked up while i was stalking up for this meal...i love to have flowers in the house. these have opened up so pretty now
 great news! my chopping skills are getting a little better. these are some of the ingredient that the salsa calls for
i loaded mine up with cilantro. i love cilantro, it gives you that extra taste your looking for
 this recipe makes a ton!!
which i love because that gives me a change to wrap up some extra and take it to friends <3

moving on to the White Chicken Enchiladas on page 186
something i loved learning about when making this dish: how to make roasted peppers 
it was super easy and the flavor you get from them is unreal

 put them on the top rack of your oven on broil until the skin is almost completely black
then Ree says to put them in a gallon sizes bag to let steam - but i didn't have one so a bowl covered in plastic wrap worked fine for me
 this is the all of peppers after they have been skinned and diced.
[i love these cutting sheets. this one is the larger one and the smaller sizes is shown were i am chopping the raw jalapeƱo up above with the salsa...they are from a local kitchen shop, Relish in Thomasville. they have great grip on the bottom to keep from slipping on the counter]

 so the chicken mixture is where i got a little confused. mine was extremely liquified 
the recipe calls for a cup of chicken broth and a cup of heavy cream...i'm thinking maybe i should have let it sit and simmer a little longer to thicken up?
this is one of the two dishes of the final enchiladas...yum

i always feel awkward when i say "it was so good" "it was delicious"
when i was under the wether from my wisdom teeth surgery my dad and i did a lot of food network watching
we kept joking about the different chefs reactions to the things they cook...i swear some react before their taste buds even know whats going on and others [giada] give it a good long mmmm...i do love giada and dream about her healthy classic southern california lifestyle

i also made the Mexican Rice on page 173

rice is seriously the hardest thing to cook so i didn't get any pictures
the recipe calls for 2 to 3 cups of chicken broth but i may have used close to 4
at first 3 seams like a ton but once it gets cooking...i dont know...rice is so hard is all i gotta say.

so then tonight i started thinking...these meals make a ton and i hate to waste

i am going to try to not only make the recipes from Food From My Frontier but also trying to repurpose the left overs into a different meal so i don't have to eat the same thing for three days

most of the recipes are set to serve 8 to 10 people which is great when i have friends willing to be my guinea pigs but it always seems to still leave a lot left over 

i have a three day rule for left overs so tonight was my last chance to use the rice
[of course i will snack and share the salsa until its gone]

i decided on tacos because i had everything on hand 

i always keep ground beef in the freezer
and happen to have a taco packet so..waaallaaa

be back soon


Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday Folks


y'all know i love beauty products by now...i'm not very good at actually using them but i have been trying extra hard lately to spice up my skills. my sister on the other hand is awesome at all things beauty and she gave me this pallet for my birthday <3 reasons i love it: it has everything i need to get ready in one place. i'm not a foundation girl i just throw on some powder to cover up my dark spots and then this has the bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipgloss!! i played with the darkest color on the right as eyeliner because i don't wear eyeliner unless i have to get dressed up in which case i try to use it and then end up thinking i look way to done up and tell myself i'm never wearing it again. anyways, i love this thing and think it is totally worth the purchase. all things urban decay have impressed me so far.

i'm back on my binge netflix watching kick 
and on season 10 of greys!!!
i'm always looking for a new show to fall in love with so if your loving something
share it with me!?
know in advance that i have a very unhealthy relationship with the I.D channel and i have promised
myself i will not watch it anymore!
i get so sucked into those stories and then fall asleep...4am rolls around and just as the murderer is kidnapping the girl it wakes me up and i know for sure there is someone lurking in my bedroom...
maybe thats why i'm am having sleeping problems these days...

if you read my blog and wonder why i don't do a friday five every weeks its normally because my life is pretty boring or as i like to say #basic so i can't come up with 5 things that i think will actually interest people...so sorry in advance :)

i do have a new favorite store though!
i normally don't like to buy online until i have actually been to a store front and seen/felt the products to know that they are a good quality [i have sad stories of ordering online, not realizing the company is bogus, and i don't get my sweater until June when i no longer need it or worse don't get the product at all]
so i have been doing my favorite thing - creating a shopping cart and then never really ordering the stuff - on madewell.com i know it's a legit company they are owned by the same company as j.crew and we all know my love for j.crew 
but once i found out i was going to Charleston and there was a two story madewell there i decided to hold off my purchase until i could get to the real deal and have the full on shopping experience...sometimes online shopping with the 5-6 day wait just isn't good enough for me
it didn't disappoint
once i go to another on of their stores in another city i'll let you know if i'm correct
but i know for sure the store in Charleston really pushes their customer service and i love that!
i guess i pay attention to customer service a lot because i will soon be making a living based on customer service but they are so helpful there! 
and i am loving the jeans i got!!
i could go on and on but i wont...check it out, i know you will love it

i have been so excited to share these books with everyone
i know i have mentioned my love for instagram before - i have this fear that one day it will
disappear and all of my beloved pictures will be gone (first world problems)
i found the PERFECT solution
it's an app you download to your phone that prints your instagram pictures into little books of 60 photos. you can choose to have your captions or not and if you want to leave a picture out.
every 60 pictures it asks you if you would like to pay for your next book...and the best part is
they are $6.00 each!
i have my very own promo code that will allow you to get your first book
here's my stack <3

and to save the best for last
my sweet friend carlie made me this mug for christmas
i love homemade gifts <3
and i love that she included the blog
i know i can count on her to read every post and give me her feedback