Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Treats

I have been slacking major on keeping up the blog...maybe I should have waited until after I graduate to start something like this?
oh well, bare with me...
I'm home for the week and could not be happier about it! so far i have tried to catch up on life and relax. my big brother, Blake, is in town from California and we are all headed to our favorite spot on 30a wednesday to spend thanksgiving on the beach <3

the queen of the hive, Kelly, thought it would be a good idea to cook as much as we can before we go so we can enjoy our time together and because five women in one small kitchen freaks us out.
she has been busy baking the best breads and cakes all weekend. i wish i could take credit for them. i have named myself the official taste tester for the week.
i can't wait to have my own kitchen one day and cook a big thanksgiving dinner for my families...for now I am in charge of snacks and dips to enjoy through out the week. i might make the french silk pie you have seen before once we get there because i know it will be good and i don't want to disappoint. 
i'm open to your thoughts and suggestions of fun snacks to have out through out the day. i don't know about your family but mine lives to eat. we are always snacking and planning what we are going to eat next. i love good food more than anything.

do y'all fallow along on instagram?
sometimes is easier to do a quick post on my phone.
 here was my sneak peek this week. i'm still thinking about that coffee roll at breakfast on the beach watching the sun come up. yeah, that's about to happen in the kitchen.

saturday when i got home to Thomasville dad, kelly, troupe, and I headed to Albany for a family friend's wedding. 
(i hope i still have my college friendships like kelly does)
i swear they have more fun than i do!
the wedding was beautiful i wish i had pictures of it. but instead i just took weird ones like this.

troupes so fancy.

i'm mad at myself - we took a family picture and then i deleted it on accident. 

yes my hair is darker...i'm still getting used to it! but i love how low maintenance the color will be and i just keep thinking about that big bill i spend every six weeks for the blonde high lights.
when i'm in the real world that purchase will hurt even more:/
my christmas list is getting pretty ridiculous! i'm going to share a few things i'm asking santa for tomorrow. 

hug your family lots this week,


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