Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Ideas

yeah, so i haven't gotten that urban decay pallet yet from my fall wish list or the love necklace that i more than love...all these other things are new ideas of gifts to ask for that i am loving or needing. you know how when you were little you picked your one big gift from santa? well i still feel like we do that around here. the french oven, boots, and sunglasses would definitely fall under that category. so maybe tomorrow when i'm in the car headed to the beach ill put together a little under $50.00 gift guide.

say a little prayer for me tonight, i'm driving my sweet nana half way to atlanta in the morning to meet my uncle so she can spend thanksgiving with our family up in that neck of the woods. and like i'm sure i have said before, she's a feisty one!
i really love spending time with her. i learn so much from her through her story telling <3
this thanksgiving week i am extra thankful that i still have her at 87 years old

the dancing with the stars finale just came on so i've got to direct all of my focus to that...

keep on kickin'

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  1. Ok Chelsey, time for a blog entry. Your readers are dying to know what you got for Christmas! :)