Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Ideas

yeah, so i haven't gotten that urban decay pallet yet from my fall wish list or the love necklace that i more than love...all these other things are new ideas of gifts to ask for that i am loving or needing. you know how when you were little you picked your one big gift from santa? well i still feel like we do that around here. the french oven, boots, and sunglasses would definitely fall under that category. so maybe tomorrow when i'm in the car headed to the beach ill put together a little under $50.00 gift guide.

say a little prayer for me tonight, i'm driving my sweet nana half way to atlanta in the morning to meet my uncle so she can spend thanksgiving with our family up in that neck of the woods. and like i'm sure i have said before, she's a feisty one!
i really love spending time with her. i learn so much from her through her story telling <3
this thanksgiving week i am extra thankful that i still have her at 87 years old

the dancing with the stars finale just came on so i've got to direct all of my focus to that...

keep on kickin'

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Treats

I have been slacking major on keeping up the blog...maybe I should have waited until after I graduate to start something like this?
oh well, bare with me...
I'm home for the week and could not be happier about it! so far i have tried to catch up on life and relax. my big brother, Blake, is in town from California and we are all headed to our favorite spot on 30a wednesday to spend thanksgiving on the beach <3

the queen of the hive, Kelly, thought it would be a good idea to cook as much as we can before we go so we can enjoy our time together and because five women in one small kitchen freaks us out.
she has been busy baking the best breads and cakes all weekend. i wish i could take credit for them. i have named myself the official taste tester for the week.
i can't wait to have my own kitchen one day and cook a big thanksgiving dinner for my families...for now I am in charge of snacks and dips to enjoy through out the week. i might make the french silk pie you have seen before once we get there because i know it will be good and i don't want to disappoint. 
i'm open to your thoughts and suggestions of fun snacks to have out through out the day. i don't know about your family but mine lives to eat. we are always snacking and planning what we are going to eat next. i love good food more than anything.

do y'all fallow along on instagram?
sometimes is easier to do a quick post on my phone.
 here was my sneak peek this week. i'm still thinking about that coffee roll at breakfast on the beach watching the sun come up. yeah, that's about to happen in the kitchen.

saturday when i got home to Thomasville dad, kelly, troupe, and I headed to Albany for a family friend's wedding. 
(i hope i still have my college friendships like kelly does)
i swear they have more fun than i do!
the wedding was beautiful i wish i had pictures of it. but instead i just took weird ones like this.

troupes so fancy.

i'm mad at myself - we took a family picture and then i deleted it on accident. 

yes my hair is darker...i'm still getting used to it! but i love how low maintenance the color will be and i just keep thinking about that big bill i spend every six weeks for the blonde high lights.
when i'm in the real world that purchase will hurt even more:/
my christmas list is getting pretty ridiculous! i'm going to share a few things i'm asking santa for tomorrow. 

hug your family lots this week,


Monday, November 10, 2014

Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs with a side of Dance

do you guys watch Dancing with the Stars?
my roomies and friends have turned it into a monday night ritual and tonights was amazing!!! i love Alfonso from the fresh prince of bel-air and i love Sadie Robertson...and i love...well i pretty much love everyone thats left which makes each week such a bummer.

any who i decided to settle into bed with a late night post. hopefully i can get through it and make since - i also had a test and presentation today so my mind is kind of mush 

this plate wouldn't really be up to par for the fanciest restaurant in town but you get the idea.

for the spaghetti squash i like to bake it whole. I poke a few holes in it to keep the heat moving through and lay it in a pan in the oven on 400 for about 40 minutes. When you take it out it should be easy to cut in half. remove all of the seeds from the middle and drag a fork across the squash. it will literally turn into spaghetti- like pieces. i'm really kicking myself now for not taking play by play pictures of this one. 

so while your squash is in the over start making your meatballs.
this "recipe" will make about 18 meatballs. this is the first time i have ever made meatballs and i just kind of through stuff in the bowl and got to mushin'. I used 2 lbs of ground beef but will try 1 lb of beef, one lb of mild sausage next time. 
- side note - 
i have a hard time eating a whole loaf of bread before it goes stale so now instead of tossing it i just put it in the freezer and wait for a time like this when i need breadcrumbs. 
i toasted about 8 slices of bread and then put them into the ninja to make the crumbs.
2 eggs to keep everything together
about 2 teaspoons of red pepper flakes
 2 cloves of fresh garlic minced 
about 2 teaspoons of dried basil-because i didn't have fresh
after i mixed everything together with my hands i began to form the meatballs and lay them out on a baking sheet.
bake on 350 for about 20 minutes or until nice and brown

one day i hope that at this point i can say i got a jar of my homemade tomato sauce from my perfectly organized pantry in my french country home but for now i grabbed a jar of Prego from my shelf in the shared pantry in my college apartment that i wouldn't give up for anything <3
when the meatballs are done have the sauce on a low simmer and add the meatballs into the sauce pan...the longer they sit and simmer the more the juices flow and mix all those yummy flavors together

i hope this was readable and you will try it. this great way to cut out a few carbs which is always nice!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Friday Five on Saturday

hey its me. incase you forgot who me is...im chelsey a wanna be blogger that has lazy tendencies. which is why i abandoned by beloved blog for almost a month!!! i started this post of friday and then got busy and had to come back during auburn vs. texas half time to finish. im not going to say the disappearance will never happen again. im trying to graduate from college people. speaking of graduation that brings me to my number one friday five...

i have officially applied for graduation and registered for my last semester of college...the fear has set in and i want to go back to freshman year!

so you know i love fall and thanksgiving is pretty much my favorite holiday! so i made these super easy cupcakes and i had to share the recipe
one box of spice cake mix
one can of pumpkin (15oz)
(don't follow cake mix instructions just combine those two items)
in another bowl combine one block of room temp cream cheese and enough powered sugar to get it sweet
in a greased cupcake pan do a dollop of spice cake mixture a dollop of cream cheese filling and top it with another dollop of spick cake mixture.
cook on 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes and enjoy <3

it's sad to say in the winter i live in snUggs. i take them off to shower and when i really have no other chose but to dress up and then they go right back on. ugly or not i'm all about comfort and warmth in the winter <3 

i'm a cowgirl yall! just kidding!! but madison is a cowboy now which makes me a cowgirl right?? he thought it would be a fun idea/experience to buy a calf, fatten it up, and sell it for its meat :( i've named her Sally Mae and i'm not allowed to get attached... i'm not doing very good at the whole don't get attached thing! one of my favorite things to do is ride out the feed Sally with Madison and just watch her walk around with her two other friends. she lives at Madison's friends house right outside of Valdosta with his two cows. its so calm and peaceful out there it's nice to get out of my tiny little apartment and go explore with Sally 

i am obsessing over bar carts lately. i have pinned a ton of different ones on my bar cart board over on pinterest. i'm asking for one from santa this year;)

well now you have been caught up on what i'm doing and loving the past month...tomorrow i'm going to tell you if the potato salad i just made was a pass or fail and share with you a yummy spaghetti squash and meatball recipe i created