Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five

TGIF!!! i know i promised a friday five every week but the past few weeks the time has gotten away from me or i just really wasn't diggin' anything that day! not to worry i'm here tonight with five really  random things to get your weekend going

i got new lamps!!! i finally looked at enough rooms on pinterest and through enough websites my budget couldn't afford AND THEN i found them right infront of me in Tarjay (target said in a fancy french accent)
i haven't found any lamp shades yet, but when i do i'll share them

I GOT A PINK HAIR EXTENSION. in honor of breast cancer awareness month i decided to do a little something fun and get pink hair. hey, this may be the last chance for me to have pink hair before i go out into the big girl world (which is in EIGHT MONTHS by the way! i applied for graduation this week. insert scared emoji here)

have i mentioned i like to collect coffee mugs? i got this elephant one last weekend at world market when Madison and i were visiting his family in Cartersville:) whenever i see one that i love ill pick it up or whenever i travel somewhere i try to get one to remember my trip. it's just something small that can remind me of my trip and i that i know i will use. sometimes i'm lucky enough to have friends bring me back a mug from one of their trips<3
here are some of my other cups that i love


i love cinnamon brooms in the fall
okay i'm out of exciting favorites but i do really love office supplies and sharpie pens are one of my favorites

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