Wednesday, October 8, 2014

bring the BEET back

my life has been so crazy the past few weeks i haven't had a lot of time to blog...but i'm back with a pretty yummy recipe! i started this post like two weeks ago so ill just pick up where i left off 

this past weekend at a girls dinner date i tasted a friend's beet salad and the flavor was unreal!! so of course i tried to recreate it last night and it was amazing!

so this is a beet...its a root...rap it in tin foil and pop it in the oven on 375 degree for about 50 minutes

this is what the beet will look should be easy to slice into and peel the skin off

i love these bag salads from Publix. they come with all the 'fixins' 
I also looovveee this goat cheese from publix. i could eat it on everything! if you have blue or parmesan cheese on hand i'm sure that would be just as great

I also sautéed two chicken breast, saving one to do something with the next day for lunch, and cut up one for the top of the salad
i also laid a few little pieces of freshly cut parmesan cheese on top of the chicken right when i took it out of the pan. thats just because i really love cheese! and the dressing was out of the salad bag but at the restaurant they used a balsamic and it was amazing! also if you wanting something lighter or really want to play up the beet, leave out the greens. the restaurant did and it was still very filling. 

on the menu favorite breakfast smoothie 


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