Tuesday, September 30, 2014

try it out

in the past six months we gotten a sephora and an ulta here in valdosta so i have really stepped up my beauty product game...here's a few of my favorites--

A. love love love this face wash. B. the perfect combination of care and color. C. i'm loving "fall in line" right now. D. i take my eye makeup off with vaseline and then add an little more to the eyes, hands, and feet for extra softness E. another strong loved item in my nightly line up. i use the acne brush and my face feels amazing! F. i'm a victim of an oily t-zone and this pore primer really does the trick to keep the shine away all day G. the best bronzer that doesn't make me look orange! H. and the best mascara ever. try it. you'll love it. the eyeliner is amazing too. I. this stuff is like eyeshadow glue and if i don't have time to do the eyeshadow step this gives me a good light tint under the eye J. i'm really not crazy about hairspray so this is the perfect thing to give my texture and hold plus it smells really good.

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