Thursday, September 18, 2014


When it comes to fashion i would like the believe i am ahead of the curve but in reality i'm sort of a follower; as i've told you before. so if you have already discovered the brand Hanky Panky then excuse my rave.
my sweet friends at the boutique City Market here in town told me how great they are! so of course i splurged on this $20.00 pair of panties

oh my gosh y'all i could be a spokes person for this brand. they are the most comfortable and well fitting thing i own! not the mention each girl i know that has a pair has a different body type and these one size fits all panties are loved by each an every one of us. i bought the bralette and it is equally as comfy! i also put the bralette and a pair of panties together as a gift before I had even tried them and now i'm so glad i did! if you want to surprise a friend or me (hehe cough cough) with a little something you can find hank panky here or if your in Valdosta and happen to be a student you can get a pair with their friendly student discount :) 


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