Wednesday, September 24, 2014

fall threads

woah i've been doing a lot of clothes post lately...i guess it's time to stop assuming people care what i wear! but its fun and i was in the mood to look clean for class today so that's where this post came from

i love these jeans!!! i was getting so tired of wearing dark washed skinny jeans every. single. day.  so this fall i am branching out into a light wash and they are high waisted!! (i think ill have to do a denim post. i'm loving it so much)
and i wish i would have had my photographer aka Madison take a picture of the back of it because it buttons up the back <3 it's also from gap but no longer available.
add some booties or flats and you've got the perfect effortless look for class

BUT maybe its raining or you just want something a little sassy for a lunch date

 i love this hat and i have been WAITING to wear it. i tried on so many and now that i look at this one i really want this one that isn't as floppy 

yall, i'm really bad at doing my hair...i do the same thing every day so today i had some extra time to get ready and decided to fluff it up with some hot rollers and i really liked it!

i don't know why i'm sharing all this i guess its because i don't know a lot about clothes but i love them ;) see what i did there! 
anyways i'm going to have a lot of free time on my hands this weekend so a beauty favorites post is in the forecast

i looovvvee hearing from you guys, it does my heart good! i'm looking for a good book to read so suggestions in the comments or e-mail is welcomed!!

until next time

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