Friday, September 12, 2014

Bedroom Re-do Chapter 1

exciting things going on here in my little home! Dad came to Valdosta Tuesday night and hung a few things for us and brought us some chairs for our living room (that part coming later) 
here's my favorite plates hung on one side of my headboard. The plates were the first step to the step I'm going to paint the lamps. I'm not sure how painting the lamps will look but I'm going to try that before breaking the bank for the ones I have my eye on. the lamps started gold from a consignment shop here in Valdosta. and when I first moved in I wanted EVERYTHING in my room white! now I'm trying to add some color and fun so I am leaning toward the dark green color in the shade.

here's a full shot of my room...this is an iphone picture so the lighting isn't that great but you get the idea. I want to add some pillows and a bright throw to the bed. right now it just looks frumpy.

what else is up?
I'm working on my fall wish list and a my fall essentials list to share what I love about my favorite season.

also I love hearing from you guys! I know leaving a comment on blogspot is annoying. I'm working on it. so until then shoot me an e-mail and I'll answer any questions

stay tuned

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