Wednesday, September 3, 2014

antiques are my favorite

like promised I'm back with my antique finds from labor day weekend
the first shop we went to was amazing! it was in a little old house and had a sweet owner that loved for people to come in and spend hours just looking around. She had great prices and a story to tell about each piece
this bench was on the front porch and is my new inspiration for my next DIY with dad...if anyone sees a full bed laying around holler at me!
at that same shop I found this great green china. I wish I had a ton of space in the car and in my apartment because I loved the shape of these glasses and bowls. 
 I found these plates and bowls at the same shop. they are now the first pieces for my soon to be redecorated room. that poof is in my room and is immediately what I thought of when I saw these plates. I'm thinking of handing them on the wall on either side of my headboard...will share a final picture when I decide 
closer detail <3

at another shop we found some old sewing patterns that I thought would be so cute to go on the walls in my sewing room one day(a girl can dream right?)...until I have a sewing room I'm going to frame them and put them in my bedroom to come

my final purchase and probably my favorite is my antique binocular bag gone purse

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