Tuesday, September 30, 2014

try it out

in the past six months we gotten a sephora and an ulta here in valdosta so i have really stepped up my beauty product game...here's a few of my favorites--

A. love love love this face wash. B. the perfect combination of care and color. C. i'm loving "fall in line" right now. D. i take my eye makeup off with vaseline and then add an little more to the eyes, hands, and feet for extra softness E. another strong loved item in my nightly line up. i use the acne brush and my face feels amazing! F. i'm a victim of an oily t-zone and this pore primer really does the trick to keep the shine away all day G. the best bronzer that doesn't make me look orange! H. and the best mascara ever. try it. you'll love it. the eyeliner is amazing too. I. this stuff is like eyeshadow glue and if i don't have time to do the eyeshadow step this gives me a good light tint under the eye J. i'm really not crazy about hairspray so this is the perfect thing to give my texture and hold plus it smells really good.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

fall threads

woah i've been doing a lot of clothes post lately...i guess it's time to stop assuming people care what i wear! but its fun and i was in the mood to look clean for class today so that's where this post came from

i love these jeans!!! i was getting so tired of wearing dark washed skinny jeans every. single. day.  so this fall i am branching out into a light wash and they are high waisted!! (i think ill have to do a denim post. i'm loving it so much)
and i wish i would have had my photographer aka Madison take a picture of the back of it because it buttons up the back <3 it's also from gap but no longer available.
add some booties or flats and you've got the perfect effortless look for class

BUT maybe its raining or you just want something a little sassy for a lunch date

 i love this hat and i have been WAITING to wear it. i tried on so many and now that i look at this one i really want this one that isn't as floppy 

yall, i'm really bad at doing my hair...i do the same thing every day so today i had some extra time to get ready and decided to fluff it up with some hot rollers and i really liked it!

i don't know why i'm sharing all this i guess its because i don't know a lot about clothes but i love them ;) see what i did there! 
anyways i'm going to have a lot of free time on my hands this weekend so a beauty favorites post is in the forecast

i looovvvee hearing from you guys, it does my heart good! i'm looking for a good book to read so suggestions in the comments or e-mail is welcomed!!

until next time

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Wish List

A. i mean a girl can dream? B. love the honey color of these  C. so i have the basics one but i'm starting to branch out to some fun colors D. because he is a Georgia boy and i love everything on his blog E. it smells like a pretty life F. just a good ole vest G. actually i want two of these H. are these back in style? i don't care if they aren't i want them

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all

fall is in the air in apartment G and we have stepped up our decorating game

unfortunately i can only take credit for the unfinished wreath. my plan for this wreath is to buy wooden letters for each of our (roomies) first names and wrap them in some type of hemp? i don't want it to look to fall-ish because i want to use this wreath for every season just adding and taking away flowers and colors.

so the rest i can't take credit for because devon really got into the fall spirit while i was home with my parents. i came home to a warm surprise!

can you tell we love pumpkins!? 

and we can't talk about pumpkins without me sharing this cute little pumpkin cheese ball Kelly sent me back to Valdosta with :)

you can find a recipe for the cheese ball here

tomorrow i'm going to share a few things i'm wishing for this fall


Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Five

hello and welcome to my new idea...FRIDAY FIVE
every friday i'm going to ramble on and on about five things i am loving.


if you know me you know my number one priority when it comes to an outfit is being comfortable. this morning Madison and I went on a breakfast date to Friends Grille and Bar and this is what I wore knowing i had to sit through two classes after. i get so excited when i feel like i have nothing to wear and then in the middle of the night i wake up thinking about a new way to wear my worn clothes. (i know...i solve all the worlds problems while i sleep) everything here is no longer available. tops like this and cute silk shorts like these are everywhere so it shouldn't take much online shopping time to duplicate this outfit. but my bag is from Cuyana and I love it. I carry it everyday as a handbag and a book bag.

back to my breakfast date. if you haven't had Friends breakfast your missing out. I was going to take a foodie picture but got so excited when my pancake plate was set in front of me I dug right in.

and back to the picture and why I'm standing by that chair? I'm proud to say our apartment living room is finally looking like a living room. these are chairs from dad's old house and roomie devon's mama made all of our pillows! its a blue and green color scheme with a little brown. I love feeling at home when I walk in this room


i found the coolest thing ever!!! i love anything with pom poms <3 pillows, throws, curtains, lamp shades, dresses...well now i can make and put a pom pom of any size. and color. on ANYTHING. right now i am working on a ton of green ones for the edge of a throw blanket for my bed...stay tuned


are clogs back in? i hope so because I'm swooning over these...they are already sold out so if you see a look alike hollar at me!! 

i hope this wasn't to boring because i loved writing it


Thursday, September 18, 2014


When it comes to fashion i would like the believe i am ahead of the curve but in reality i'm sort of a follower; as i've told you before. so if you have already discovered the brand Hanky Panky then excuse my rave.
my sweet friends at the boutique City Market here in town told me how great they are! so of course i splurged on this $20.00 pair of panties

oh my gosh y'all i could be a spokes person for this brand. they are the most comfortable and well fitting thing i own! not the mention each girl i know that has a pair has a different body type and these one size fits all panties are loved by each an every one of us. i bought the bralette and it is equally as comfy! i also put the bralette and a pair of panties together as a gift before I had even tried them and now i'm so glad i did! if you want to surprise a friend or me (hehe cough cough) with a little something you can find hank panky here or if your in Valdosta and happen to be a student you can get a pair with their friendly student discount :) 


Friday, September 12, 2014

Bedroom Re-do Chapter 1

exciting things going on here in my little home! Dad came to Valdosta Tuesday night and hung a few things for us and brought us some chairs for our living room (that part coming later) 
here's my favorite plates hung on one side of my headboard. The plates were the first step to the re-do...next step I'm going to paint the lamps. I'm not sure how painting the lamps will look but I'm going to try that before breaking the bank for the ones I have my eye on. the lamps started gold from a consignment shop here in Valdosta. and when I first moved in I wanted EVERYTHING in my room white! now I'm trying to add some color and fun so I am leaning toward the dark green color in the shade.

here's a full shot of my room...this is an iphone picture so the lighting isn't that great but you get the idea. I want to add some pillows and a bright throw to the bed. right now it just looks frumpy.

what else is up?
I'm working on my fall wish list and a my fall essentials list to share what I love about my favorite season.

also I love hearing from you guys! I know leaving a comment on blogspot is annoying. I'm working on it. so until then shoot me an e-mail and I'll answer any questions

stay tuned

Thursday, September 4, 2014

pretty home

I'm short for words today but wanted to share this beauty my Dad pointed out to me this past weekend driving down highway 280...we share a love for farm homes
I wanted to make sure I posted it somewhere so many years and cell phone camera rolls from now I will be able to look back in my archives for inspiration

xx enjoy

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

antiques are my favorite

like promised I'm back with my antique finds from labor day weekend
the first shop we went to was amazing! it was in a little old house and had a sweet owner that loved for people to come in and spend hours just looking around. She had great prices and a story to tell about each piece
this bench was on the front porch and is my new inspiration for my next DIY with dad...if anyone sees a full bed laying around holler at me!
at that same shop I found this great green china. I wish I had a ton of space in the car and in my apartment because I loved the shape of these glasses and bowls. 
 I found these plates and bowls at the same shop. they are now the first pieces for my soon to be redecorated room. that poof is in my room and is immediately what I thought of when I saw these plates. I'm thinking of handing them on the wall on either side of my headboard...will share a final picture when I decide 
closer detail <3

at another shop we found some old sewing patterns that I thought would be so cute to go on the walls in my sewing room one day(a girl can dream right?)...until I have a sewing room I'm going to frame them and put them in my bedroom somewhere...pictures to come

my final purchase and probably my favorite is my antique binocular bag gone purse

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

no labor intended

this labor day weekend I went on a little fam vaca to Pine Mountain, Ga with my family and my Dad's twin sister's family <3 it was so nice to get away and spend some good quality time with everyone. We were celebrating labor day with full intentions of not doing any labor-intensive activities :) we were also celebrating that my sweet Nana is 87 and still kickin'. AND we celebrated my Dad, Aunt Lynne, and Kelly's birth but to stay on their good side I wont share their age ;)

I decided to make a few sweets to take along...

the bars I made turned out awesome...they are kind of hard to mess up! you can find the recipe here. if you don't have one of these choppers you are missing out! i chop EVERYTHING with it. pecans, tomato, onions, literally everything! the pecans go in the crust of the bars and then the top is pretty much butter and sugar <3
here's my finished product...nana approved! 

and then I made my version of a guilt free blueberry cake...I wish I could say it turned out great and everyone loved it but lets just say I'm going to make a few changes and try again...blueberry cake to be continued

so then Friday our family took off to Pine Mountain and while there Kelly and I (but mostly Kelly) make tomato pies for Sunday lunch, or in our family, dinner.
On saturday we went shopping in Pine Mountain where my sweet Aunt Lynne found these herb cutters and got all the girls a pair. i LOVE mine and was so excited to use them

I chopped all this basil for the pies in no time with mine

so this is all from Kelly's directions I can't take any credit for it but I had to share because they were so delicious 
start with roma tomatos slice and let them sit in a colander to drain as much of the juice off of them for about ten minutes then if you need to lay them out on a paper towel to dry some more that works too.

start with a pie crust and let it bake in the oven just to get it a little brown

first layer...tomato slices
second layer...a little salt and pepper, green onions, basil, and bacon bits
third...tomato slices
so keep doing that until you have about three layers of tomato and two layers of the onions, basil, and bacon.

then you want to mix up the cheese topping.
cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, and mayo...healthy right?
I don't have a good measurement because we made three but I would say about a cup of each cheese and then slowly add in the mayo until its covering all of the cheese.
maybe this picture will give you a better idea of what the cheese mixture should look like. I wish I had a final picture but we were in to big of a hurry to eat it for me to snag a picture. 

we also did some antique shopping which I loved but to avoid being all over the place in this post I'll come back tomorrow to share my favorite finds