Friday, August 1, 2014

week in review

where has the week gone...? this past weekend I celebrated my sweet friend Danielle's bachelorette weekend in Savannah. it was such a fun weekend filled with a monogram shower and amazing food! then on Monday night I traveled back to Savannah for my big sissy's nursing school graduation. and after recovering from that car ride back in the middle of the night here I am on Thursday night searching for words to explain my last day of my summer internship.
maybe I should start at the bachelorette weekend and work my way through...
here I am with the beautiful bride at the monograms and mimosa shower her sister hosted at her extremely cute home in Savannah

these pictures are just a very brief overview of our weekend but I couldn't pass this one up...if you have never been to The Paris Market in Savannah it is a must see. I dream of one day having a home decorated like I snapped a picture for inspiration
we did a lot of walking and a lot of shopping so a pit stop on the Anthropologie bed was a must ;)

we also went to the World of Beer where they have jumbo jenga so we split into teams and played a few games...we wrote #DanielleGetsTurked as her "hashtag" because her future last name is can thank this clever kathy for that one Dani :)

 team Brittany!
  and team Danielle!

we had some amazing food for every single meal...for some reason I only took a picture of this appetizer Danielle ordered...I guess I was to hungry at every other meal to stop and take a picture...a charcuterie plate with cheese prosciutto and jam among other things makes for a very happy plate! this is something I will definitely be recreating soon...I'll be sure to share!

I have a thing for boats...I think they are so fascinating...I could sit and watch them all day! this was the view from the rooftop bar of our hotel <3

next stop...Ashley's graduation
here we are at The Olde Pink House where we had lunch before the ceremony...of course I took a picture of some of the food...

this is what they call southern sushi...shrimp wrapped in CHEESE GRITS and seaweed and then fried <3 <3 <3
I wish I had the picture of Ashley in her traditional nursing white dress, white hat, white shoes get-up...she may hurt me if I posted it on the world wide web. ha ha we are proud of you Ash!

I am sad to leave those sweet and smart ladies at the Main Street office! They taught me so much about business and life. thank you for the yummy lunch and small cakes guys sure spoiled me!

well that wraps up my week so far...I have really wanted to blog more but somehow the time always get away from goal for August is to blog three times a week...that means I have to do at least three things a week... :/ so hopefully I'll be back tomorrow...or today since I just realized its 12:46AM.


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