Monday, August 25, 2014


hello there...i don't know where to begin i have been away for so long. have i mentioned i am a phi mu here at Valdosta? if you know about recruitment you know it takes a toll on your social media life for the two weeks that lead up to school starting...then school started a week ago today and I was tied up trying to understand how it could possibly already be my senior year of college!
the good news is my professors don't like early classes which means I have plenty of blogging and 'me' time in the mornings <3
I get to watch all of my favorite morning television shows which brings me to the title of this post...the shelfie?
friday morning kathy lee and hoda were talking about the latest trend where people are taking pictures of their book shelfs, shoe shelfs, and other kinds of shelfs. this inspired me to work on my own book shelfs so i'll share mine later when i'm finished. my shoe shelf isn't very interesting so i'll spare you the boredom. i once read a blog post where book shelfs where made for books and it made since to me so i never put a lot of thought into my 
so here is my view this morning...i love how each piece on my shelf and table has a little story of how it got there and what loved one gave it to me <3
here's a few shelfies I am obsessing over right now
 gold, gold, gold!

i love an open shelf in the kitchen

love everything about this...good dark cabinets, rug, and cute pup too:)

I'm in the process of adding some color to my room so like I said weeks ago I will share when i finally make a decision...
yesterday we (dad kelly and I) had a family craft day at dad's's crafts are more like real wood work and kelly is way better at painting than I am. which is why kelly finished her table and my mirror is still half painted in a color i wasn't happy with. so i'll share kelly's DIY instead

 so she found this desk in an old school and painted it with a grey chalk paint and then waxed it in a dark wax that you spread on as little or as much as you want.
and the nail heads add the perfect edgy touch! we have more furniture than we know what to do with so right now i'm trying my hardest to find a place to put it in my apartment :)

saturday Madison, Dad, Kelly, and I went to the river for the day. we rode up into lake seminole where we got ourself into some boating problems but it definitely made for a good story when the rain storm came up and we could only go about five miles and hour!

that's all for now

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