Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Take

as i scroll down my pinterest feed tonight these beautiful Emmy dresses keep popping me in the face...let's have a moment of silence for the beauty.
fashion is one thing i honestly say 'i don't know but i love it' about all the time. i don't know how to say most of the designers of these dresses name's but i love them! although i do love the show fashion police mostly because i like to giggle and blush at all the things joan rivers says and because if i had the guts to die my hair purple like kelly osbourne i so would. :)

ten...i love everything about this. the high neckline and the colors are everything!!

nine...i love her. i love orange. and i love the little peek of leg
eight...ahhh she is definitely and angle in this dress!
seven...how cool is that dress!!!
six...gosh i wish i could rock a pantsuit
five...are you sensing a trend? i really love light to no color and settle stones! sweet and edge at the same time and that pinky ring!!!

four...because if you are pregnant and still look this good in a dress this beautiful you deserve an emmy
three...i wish i could pull off more yellow everything about this is breathtaking!
two...i love that she wore a short dress and i love the long sleeves! oh and i love the color and neckline...so pretty much everything!!
one...this is my favorite!! i am loving the two piece. the full skirt and the cropped top<3 i really would wear this if i ever had the chance! 

so there you go. everyone and everything about the emmys is beautiful and glamorous but those were just the ten that caught me eye! 

i guess since i talk about pinterest in pretty much every post i should share where you can find me!

find me on pinterest...i never change the captions but i always go back and organize my boards!

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  1. LOVE Julia Roberts dress! I agree with all of your top ten picks...you have great taste Chels ;)