Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Take

as i scroll down my pinterest feed tonight these beautiful Emmy dresses keep popping me in the face...let's have a moment of silence for the beauty.
fashion is one thing i honestly say 'i don't know but i love it' about all the time. i don't know how to say most of the designers of these dresses name's but i love them! although i do love the show fashion police mostly because i like to giggle and blush at all the things joan rivers says and because if i had the guts to die my hair purple like kelly osbourne i so would. :)

ten...i love everything about this. the high neckline and the colors are everything!!

nine...i love her. i love orange. and i love the little peek of leg
eight...ahhh she is definitely and angle in this dress!
seven...how cool is that dress!!!
six...gosh i wish i could rock a pantsuit
five...are you sensing a trend? i really love light to no color and settle stones! sweet and edge at the same time and that pinky ring!!!

four...because if you are pregnant and still look this good in a dress this beautiful you deserve an emmy
three...i wish i could pull off more yellow everything about this is breathtaking!
two...i love that she wore a short dress and i love the long sleeves! oh and i love the color and neckline...so pretty much everything!!
one...this is my favorite!! i am loving the two piece. the full skirt and the cropped top<3 i really would wear this if i ever had the chance! 

so there you go. everyone and everything about the emmys is beautiful and glamorous but those were just the ten that caught me eye! 

i guess since i talk about pinterest in pretty much every post i should share where you can find me!

find me on pinterest...i never change the captions but i always go back and organize my boards!

Monday, August 25, 2014


hello there...i don't know where to begin i have been away for so long. have i mentioned i am a phi mu here at Valdosta? if you know about recruitment you know it takes a toll on your social media life for the two weeks that lead up to school starting...then school started a week ago today and I was tied up trying to understand how it could possibly already be my senior year of college!
the good news is my professors don't like early classes which means I have plenty of blogging and 'me' time in the mornings <3
I get to watch all of my favorite morning television shows which brings me to the title of this post...the shelfie?
friday morning kathy lee and hoda were talking about the latest trend where people are taking pictures of their book shelfs, shoe shelfs, and other kinds of shelfs. this inspired me to work on my own book shelfs so i'll share mine later when i'm finished. my shoe shelf isn't very interesting so i'll spare you the boredom. i once read a blog post where book shelfs where made for books and it made since to me so i never put a lot of thought into my 
so here is my view this morning...i love how each piece on my shelf and table has a little story of how it got there and what loved one gave it to me <3
here's a few shelfies I am obsessing over right now
 gold, gold, gold!

i love an open shelf in the kitchen

love everything about this...good dark cabinets, rug, and cute pup too:)

I'm in the process of adding some color to my room so like I said weeks ago I will share when i finally make a decision...
yesterday we (dad kelly and I) had a family craft day at dad's office...dad's crafts are more like real wood work and kelly is way better at painting than I am. which is why kelly finished her table and my mirror is still half painted in a color i wasn't happy with. so i'll share kelly's DIY instead

 so she found this desk in an old school and painted it with a grey chalk paint and then waxed it in a dark wax that you spread on as little or as much as you want.
and the nail heads add the perfect edgy touch! we have more furniture than we know what to do with so right now i'm trying my hardest to find a place to put it in my apartment :)

saturday Madison, Dad, Kelly, and I went to the river for the day. we rode up into lake seminole where we got ourself into some boating problems but it definitely made for a good story when the rain storm came up and we could only go about five miles and hour!

that's all for now

Friday, August 1, 2014


I'm not very clever when it comes to post titles...I'll work on it
today I had nothing to do and boy did it feel great. I spent my day with my sweet friend Haley. she took me to a neighborhood in Valdosta for a work out with such pretty homes I almost forgot I was running! we started this month long ab workout I found on Pinterest today...we will see how long that lasts. After a lunch date we popped in on Carlie (yay she's back from Italy) who works at City Market here in town and we decided we wanted to treat ourselves to some yummy soaps and scrubs from the store:) I haven't tried any of it yet so I'll do the 14 day trial and come back with my thoughts

this is the lemon poppyseed soap that smells heavenly

and here is the southern magnolia sugah scrub that Carlie swears by!

then I drug Haley into the new Ulta (Haley isn't extremely into all things beauty...she was blessed with being naturally beautiful) but I was on a mission to find this new shampoo...
I have read tons of reviews on this living proof brand but decided on the restore shampoo and condition trial sizes...I love how Ulta and Sephora have lots of trial sizes so I can try everything without a commitment to a huge bottle
I have fine, thin, color treated hair so I am trying to strengthen and thicken my dry bleached locks
and then I picked up this foot stone to give myself a little self pedi :)

week in review

where has the week gone...? this past weekend I celebrated my sweet friend Danielle's bachelorette weekend in Savannah. it was such a fun weekend filled with a monogram shower and amazing food! then on Monday night I traveled back to Savannah for my big sissy's nursing school graduation. and after recovering from that car ride back in the middle of the night here I am on Thursday night searching for words to explain my last day of my summer internship.
maybe I should start at the bachelorette weekend and work my way through...
here I am with the beautiful bride at the monograms and mimosa shower her sister hosted at her extremely cute home in Savannah

these pictures are just a very brief overview of our weekend but I couldn't pass this one up...if you have never been to The Paris Market in Savannah it is a must see. I dream of one day having a home decorated like this...so I snapped a picture for inspiration
we did a lot of walking and a lot of shopping so a pit stop on the Anthropologie bed was a must ;)

we also went to the World of Beer where they have jumbo jenga so we split into teams and played a few games...we wrote #DanielleGetsTurked as her "hashtag" because her future last name is Turk...you can thank this clever kathy for that one Dani :)

 team Brittany!
  and team Danielle!

we had some amazing food for every single meal...for some reason I only took a picture of this appetizer Danielle ordered...I guess I was to hungry at every other meal to stop and take a picture...a charcuterie plate with cheese prosciutto and jam among other things makes for a very happy plate! this is something I will definitely be recreating soon...I'll be sure to share!

I have a thing for boats...I think they are so fascinating...I could sit and watch them all day! this was the view from the rooftop bar of our hotel <3

next stop...Ashley's graduation
here we are at The Olde Pink House where we had lunch before the ceremony...of course I took a picture of some of the food...

this is what they call southern sushi...shrimp wrapped in CHEESE GRITS and seaweed and then fried <3 <3 <3
I wish I had the picture of Ashley in her traditional nursing white dress, white hat, white shoes get-up...she may hurt me if I posted it on the world wide web. ha ha we are proud of you Ash!

I am sad to leave those sweet and smart ladies at the Main Street office! They taught me so much about business and life. thank you for the yummy lunch and small cakes today...you guys sure spoiled me!

well that wraps up my week so far...I have really wanted to blog more but somehow the time always get away from me...my goal for August is to blog three times a week...that means I have to do at least three things a week... :/ so hopefully I'll be back tomorrow...or today since I just realized its 12:46AM.