Tuesday, July 22, 2014

sunday sewing

this weekend I had a "me" weekend. I house sat all week so I am finally finding time to sit down at home and tell what I've been up to...
I finished Crazy Rich Asians and it was pretty great I would recommend it to anyone looking for an ease read that wants to learn about different Asian cultures and get a good laugh at the crazy family stories and history of the characters. I spent three days texting my brother Blake (who has had the pleasure of traveling to Asia a few times with his amazing girlfriend who calls Asia home) he assured me the food and culture is really as amazing as it sounds!

the second half of the week I read a book that was written by an amazing women with an amazing story right here in Tallahassee, Florida. 
it's called Far Outside the Ordinary and you can read about it/find a bookstore that sells it here. I stained my pages with tear drops through Part One and Part Two and then fell in love in Part Three. I would recommend it to anyone!!!

Sunday once I returned to my apartment (from the house/pup sitting home) it was raining and I decided to sew the skirt I bought fabric for a week or so ago. don't get to excited this has Pinterest written all over it and was super easy!

this is the jersey knit fabric I found at hobby lobby. I got a yard and a half. the width of this fabric is 60'' which gives me the length for it to be maxi length. 
this is the blog with the complete tutorial I followed

here it is closer up. it is so comfy and soft!
here it is cut and flipped in side out and ready to sew...side note...on my next one I will cut my angles down wider so that I have more of a flow to the bottom
 another side note...have you had these almonds?? they are so yummy!

 and here I am Monday morning off to my internship in my new skirt :)

ill be back tomorrow with more diy fun

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