Tuesday, July 8, 2014

nothin' a little help from dad and paint can't fix

I have been busy painting pictures frames and laying on the beach the past two weeks so I'm finally back to show you what I've been working on. of course I am going to dedicate a full post to one of my favorite holidays, July 4th, but I'm still working on editing the video:) a few weeks ago I helped clean out a storage building and got to keep four picture frames we found in the bottom of a box. I also love a good greeting card so with a little help from pinterest came up with something fun for a blank wall walking into our apartment.
here they are. excuse my t shirt box...I didn't want to mess up the little square of grass we have:)
here is one closer up. they are good frames I'm just not real into the color for a fun college apartment. I have been trying to play with colors a lot more...when you see the before pictures of my bedroom you will understand. I used to be a keep it safe, keep it white kind of gal. but that is another blog for another day. 
amateur mistake...I didn't use a primer on these so my paint got a little runny and didn't stick to well. later in the week dad taught me to use a primer on pretty much anything thats not wood. I went with an avocado green in satin for the frames
 for the back I used a textured scrapbook paper (that didn't photo well.) here is a close up of each so you can see how cute these cards are.
"I often daydream that my life is just as it is now...only I have well-behaved hair and I live in Paris" (thats sort of me minus the living in paris part)
 "life is far too short not to have a little umbrella in your drink."(thats devon, definitely devon)

and for the teacher in the house(betty morgan starting 3rd grade this year):
"A good education can change anyone. but a good teacher can change everything."

 "I just dont like to see you waste your time on silly things" he said "well then" she said "close your eyes." (this just goes to our manly men who don't understand a good craft day)

and here is how we decided to hang them...nothing fancy but it adds some color to an awkward apartment entrance

I also found this at goodwill a while back...

and finally with a little help from dad and his wood shop got to work on it. I forgot to take a picture post-primer but ,like I said, I learn that it's important to use a primer when you are painting something that isn't wood. in this case I was dealing with cheap particle board. 

once the primer dried we painted it with a satin dark brown. the key was to get it to look as good and as close to the wood piece hanging above this one in the picture below.
once the brown paint dried we went over it with this black stuff that I would call stain...but I can't remember what my dad called it. we basically just smoothed it over with a rag and made it as dark or as light as we wanted.
the piece on the wall was a Christmas present from my perfect dad. he built all three of us (me, sister, brother) one. this picture doesn't do the detail justice. now I'm going to expect a beautiful piece of furniture every year. so dad don't disappoint. 

we have also been working on another one of my thrift shop finds. (you should hear the thrill in dad's voice every time I call him from a thrift shop saying 'I just found the coolest...')
I'll have a funny story to share about how I was ripped off but it will soon be a tv/storage stand for our living room.

I'm headed to work on the Fourth of July family talent show video...your in for a real treat :)

i'm learning

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