Saturday, July 12, 2014

i love a good morning

friday morning I got up with the craving of chocolate chip muffins :) I jumped on my pinterest for this recipe I found the night before. I didn't take a lot of pictures as I baked. I guess I was to eager to get to the end result! I followed her recipe except all I had was vanilla greek yogurt so I used that instead of plain and I added a tablespoon of flax seed to my dry ingredient. honestly when I purchased the flax seed I had no idea what it was. I saw many bloggers adding it to things like muffins and smoothies so I decided to give it a try. I put it on my peanut butter and apples breakfast and couldn't taste it at all. this chart was an easy way for me to understand chi seed vs. flax seed so I may to back to TJ Maxx and grab the chi seed. I also used dark chocolate chips in mine just because that's what I had.
another thing I haven't learned yet that I found helpful was at the end of this bloggers recipe she reminded her readers to measure their flour after they sifted it.
I measured out two cups of non-sifted flour and once I sifted it this is what I had. 
and after measuring out two cups from my sifted flour this is what I had left. so the lesson I learned from this is...I was using to much flour in past recipes because I measured pre-sift. later last night at family dinner I mentioned this to Kelly and Aunt Lynne and they said it really didn't make that much of a difference...but I'm going to blame my coconut sinkhole cake on the flour!
mine aren't as pretty. but I did get a little patriotic with the cupcake liners I never got around to using on the fourth. they were pretty tasty to not have butter and I think the vanilla yogurt added some yummy flavor.

I haven't posted about music at all because most of the time I am the last to find a "new" song. I did however see a post about Beth Hazel Farris somewhere on instagram and downloaded her no. 1 album...

I found she makes for really great baking music...take a listen, you'll love it

as for what my nose will be in on this rainy day...
I haven't gotten to far into it yet but it was all over the must read can read about/ buy it here maybe I'll do a little book review when I'm done

here comes a little house keeping...a few of my friends joked with me about not using proper punctuation or "standard american english" as my professor would say...but this blog is fun for me and if I had to sit and study where to put my commas it wouldn't be fun for me take it for what its worth I am well aware that my writing isn't perfect :)

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