Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Summer!

as promised I am back with my Fourth of July post. and regretfully I have lost all of my videos :( somehow in the connection from phone to laptop the whole family talent show was lost!!! we had music from Frozen, Jonny Cash, and even a song sweet cousin Jordan wrote herself. we also had some skits, and gymnastic tricks. it is definitely a highlight of the week.  I guess its a good thing, I wouldn't want anyone to get jealous of all of our family talent. ha ha!
so a few pictures for my week is all I have to offer.

I started my week in Flagler Beach, Florida with Madison and his family. It was such a laid back and fun time. when I was young we spent most of our summer up the street at Ormond Beach so it was fun to go back and see how much things have changed! I wasn't very good at pictures for the first few days so I only have a few phone shots.
here's the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean from where we were staying...we loved watched the shrimp boats all day
I did some reading and Madison did some tanning :)
Madison has three younger brothers and two cousins that were also there. one day they rigged up a friendly game of pool basketball with a lounge chair, recycling bin, and volleyball. we are all way to competitive!! Brooke and I spent most of the game breaking their rules :)
I had no idea what I was doing...I'm not the most athletic person in the group!
Wednesday Madison and I headed back to Valdosta and the next morning I got up and headed to Seaside for the rest of the week with Troupe. this was our view there...I dream of living at the beach. to watch the sun rise and set over the water everyday would make life so easy
every year Kelly's parents invite their three kids and their families to stay at the beach for the week of the Fourth. I have been going for the last seven years and always enjoy myself so much! 
okay last view picture...thank you to Dad and Uncle Cole for waking up every morning and getting our tents and front row seats on the beach!
we like to still be a little active while at the beach so daily bike rides are a must! Kelly and I took a ride one morning to Raw and Juicy in Seaside...if your into a good kale or carrot juice these are awesome and super fresh. 
you can't be on 30-A and not attend the parade the morning of the Fourth. and thank you again to the early risers Dad and Uncle Cole for going down every year to Alys' Donut Truck for their red, white, and blue donuts before they are sold out :) thats Troupe my older brother by one month, Kelly's youngest son, who was really tired and not as excited about the parade as all the other kids.
 Kel really loved the donuts too :) if you haven't noticed we do all have on matching t shirts! we go all out for this family vacay that's for sure

here are a few of my favorites from the parade...

and here we all are <3
the parade wore everyone out!

and here I am with two people I love with all my heart

I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth with family and friends!!


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