Wednesday, July 23, 2014

dresser gone tv stand

this project has taken quite some time to complete and still isn't where I want it but I couldn't wait any longer to share!
so Betty Morgan and I set out one day to a thrift shop in Valdosta to search for something to put our TV on. In our apartment there is only one wall that you can put the TV on and it is a very awkward long we needed something long but not to deep because it is the first thing you see when walking into the living room...I would have liked something a little longer but this works for our last college apartment!
I got this along with a beautiful mirror I will show off later...I thought I got an awesome deal since it was my first time haggling about a price. but apparently the owner of the shop told Madison when he returned to pick this piece up that he would have settled for a lot less... boo:(  

thank the Lord for these two handy men that can bringing my ideas to life while I take pictures:)
the idea was to take out the top drawer and place a board that the direct TV, dvd player, etc. can sit on. then take out the bottom two drawers and place a board to have baskets for storage. I love the door so I wanted to keep it. 
once all the wood work was done we loaded it up and headed back to Valdosta for the paint job...this was the sun set on the way home...i love a good sunset <3
the primer goes on...see the hole in the back of the dresser...this is where I learned the goods and bads of cheap furniture taught by daddy ken. the good thing is its cheap and with a little love and paint it can do the job...the bad news is its not real wood. most of the time being particleboard or even worse cardboard. this back was definitely cardboard because when dad started at it with his tool that should cut a perfect round circle in wood it cut that cardboard to shreds! it drove him crazy and he kept trying to fix it but I promised it would be covered by the direct TV box!

it looks a lot greener in the picture than it really is...its more of a soft olive. and this isn't the basket but dad put up a lot of corn this year and I was determined to find a way to use all of the crates so I stuck it here until I am inspired to use it another way!

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