Wednesday, July 23, 2014

dresser gone tv stand

this project has taken quite some time to complete and still isn't where I want it but I couldn't wait any longer to share!
so Betty Morgan and I set out one day to a thrift shop in Valdosta to search for something to put our TV on. In our apartment there is only one wall that you can put the TV on and it is a very awkward long we needed something long but not to deep because it is the first thing you see when walking into the living room...I would have liked something a little longer but this works for our last college apartment!
I got this along with a beautiful mirror I will show off later...I thought I got an awesome deal since it was my first time haggling about a price. but apparently the owner of the shop told Madison when he returned to pick this piece up that he would have settled for a lot less... boo:(  

thank the Lord for these two handy men that can bringing my ideas to life while I take pictures:)
the idea was to take out the top drawer and place a board that the direct TV, dvd player, etc. can sit on. then take out the bottom two drawers and place a board to have baskets for storage. I love the door so I wanted to keep it. 
once all the wood work was done we loaded it up and headed back to Valdosta for the paint job...this was the sun set on the way home...i love a good sunset <3
the primer goes on...see the hole in the back of the dresser...this is where I learned the goods and bads of cheap furniture taught by daddy ken. the good thing is its cheap and with a little love and paint it can do the job...the bad news is its not real wood. most of the time being particleboard or even worse cardboard. this back was definitely cardboard because when dad started at it with his tool that should cut a perfect round circle in wood it cut that cardboard to shreds! it drove him crazy and he kept trying to fix it but I promised it would be covered by the direct TV box!

it looks a lot greener in the picture than it really is...its more of a soft olive. and this isn't the basket but dad put up a lot of corn this year and I was determined to find a way to use all of the crates so I stuck it here until I am inspired to use it another way!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

sunday sewing

this weekend I had a "me" weekend. I house sat all week so I am finally finding time to sit down at home and tell what I've been up to...
I finished Crazy Rich Asians and it was pretty great I would recommend it to anyone looking for an ease read that wants to learn about different Asian cultures and get a good laugh at the crazy family stories and history of the characters. I spent three days texting my brother Blake (who has had the pleasure of traveling to Asia a few times with his amazing girlfriend who calls Asia home) he assured me the food and culture is really as amazing as it sounds!

the second half of the week I read a book that was written by an amazing women with an amazing story right here in Tallahassee, Florida. 
it's called Far Outside the Ordinary and you can read about it/find a bookstore that sells it here. I stained my pages with tear drops through Part One and Part Two and then fell in love in Part Three. I would recommend it to anyone!!!

Sunday once I returned to my apartment (from the house/pup sitting home) it was raining and I decided to sew the skirt I bought fabric for a week or so ago. don't get to excited this has Pinterest written all over it and was super easy!

this is the jersey knit fabric I found at hobby lobby. I got a yard and a half. the width of this fabric is 60'' which gives me the length for it to be maxi length. 
this is the blog with the complete tutorial I followed

here it is closer up. it is so comfy and soft!
here it is cut and flipped in side out and ready to sew...side note...on my next one I will cut my angles down wider so that I have more of a flow to the bottom
 another side note...have you had these almonds?? they are so yummy!

 and here I am Monday morning off to my internship in my new skirt :)

ill be back tomorrow with more diy fun

Saturday, July 12, 2014

i love a good morning

friday morning I got up with the craving of chocolate chip muffins :) I jumped on my pinterest for this recipe I found the night before. I didn't take a lot of pictures as I baked. I guess I was to eager to get to the end result! I followed her recipe except all I had was vanilla greek yogurt so I used that instead of plain and I added a tablespoon of flax seed to my dry ingredient. honestly when I purchased the flax seed I had no idea what it was. I saw many bloggers adding it to things like muffins and smoothies so I decided to give it a try. I put it on my peanut butter and apples breakfast and couldn't taste it at all. this chart was an easy way for me to understand chi seed vs. flax seed so I may to back to TJ Maxx and grab the chi seed. I also used dark chocolate chips in mine just because that's what I had.
another thing I haven't learned yet that I found helpful was at the end of this bloggers recipe she reminded her readers to measure their flour after they sifted it.
I measured out two cups of non-sifted flour and once I sifted it this is what I had. 
and after measuring out two cups from my sifted flour this is what I had left. so the lesson I learned from this is...I was using to much flour in past recipes because I measured pre-sift. later last night at family dinner I mentioned this to Kelly and Aunt Lynne and they said it really didn't make that much of a difference...but I'm going to blame my coconut sinkhole cake on the flour!
mine aren't as pretty. but I did get a little patriotic with the cupcake liners I never got around to using on the fourth. they were pretty tasty to not have butter and I think the vanilla yogurt added some yummy flavor.

I haven't posted about music at all because most of the time I am the last to find a "new" song. I did however see a post about Beth Hazel Farris somewhere on instagram and downloaded her no. 1 album...

I found she makes for really great baking music...take a listen, you'll love it

as for what my nose will be in on this rainy day...
I haven't gotten to far into it yet but it was all over the must read can read about/ buy it here maybe I'll do a little book review when I'm done

here comes a little house keeping...a few of my friends joked with me about not using proper punctuation or "standard american english" as my professor would say...but this blog is fun for me and if I had to sit and study where to put my commas it wouldn't be fun for me take it for what its worth I am well aware that my writing isn't perfect :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Summer!

as promised I am back with my Fourth of July post. and regretfully I have lost all of my videos :( somehow in the connection from phone to laptop the whole family talent show was lost!!! we had music from Frozen, Jonny Cash, and even a song sweet cousin Jordan wrote herself. we also had some skits, and gymnastic tricks. it is definitely a highlight of the week.  I guess its a good thing, I wouldn't want anyone to get jealous of all of our family talent. ha ha!
so a few pictures for my week is all I have to offer.

I started my week in Flagler Beach, Florida with Madison and his family. It was such a laid back and fun time. when I was young we spent most of our summer up the street at Ormond Beach so it was fun to go back and see how much things have changed! I wasn't very good at pictures for the first few days so I only have a few phone shots.
here's the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean from where we were staying...we loved watched the shrimp boats all day
I did some reading and Madison did some tanning :)
Madison has three younger brothers and two cousins that were also there. one day they rigged up a friendly game of pool basketball with a lounge chair, recycling bin, and volleyball. we are all way to competitive!! Brooke and I spent most of the game breaking their rules :)
I had no idea what I was doing...I'm not the most athletic person in the group!
Wednesday Madison and I headed back to Valdosta and the next morning I got up and headed to Seaside for the rest of the week with Troupe. this was our view there...I dream of living at the beach. to watch the sun rise and set over the water everyday would make life so easy
every year Kelly's parents invite their three kids and their families to stay at the beach for the week of the Fourth. I have been going for the last seven years and always enjoy myself so much! 
okay last view picture...thank you to Dad and Uncle Cole for waking up every morning and getting our tents and front row seats on the beach!
we like to still be a little active while at the beach so daily bike rides are a must! Kelly and I took a ride one morning to Raw and Juicy in Seaside...if your into a good kale or carrot juice these are awesome and super fresh. 
you can't be on 30-A and not attend the parade the morning of the Fourth. and thank you again to the early risers Dad and Uncle Cole for going down every year to Alys' Donut Truck for their red, white, and blue donuts before they are sold out :) thats Troupe my older brother by one month, Kelly's youngest son, who was really tired and not as excited about the parade as all the other kids.
 Kel really loved the donuts too :) if you haven't noticed we do all have on matching t shirts! we go all out for this family vacay that's for sure

here are a few of my favorites from the parade...

and here we all are <3
the parade wore everyone out!

and here I am with two people I love with all my heart

I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth with family and friends!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

nothin' a little help from dad and paint can't fix

I have been busy painting pictures frames and laying on the beach the past two weeks so I'm finally back to show you what I've been working on. of course I am going to dedicate a full post to one of my favorite holidays, July 4th, but I'm still working on editing the video:) a few weeks ago I helped clean out a storage building and got to keep four picture frames we found in the bottom of a box. I also love a good greeting card so with a little help from pinterest came up with something fun for a blank wall walking into our apartment.
here they are. excuse my t shirt box...I didn't want to mess up the little square of grass we have:)
here is one closer up. they are good frames I'm just not real into the color for a fun college apartment. I have been trying to play with colors a lot more...when you see the before pictures of my bedroom you will understand. I used to be a keep it safe, keep it white kind of gal. but that is another blog for another day. 
amateur mistake...I didn't use a primer on these so my paint got a little runny and didn't stick to well. later in the week dad taught me to use a primer on pretty much anything thats not wood. I went with an avocado green in satin for the frames
 for the back I used a textured scrapbook paper (that didn't photo well.) here is a close up of each so you can see how cute these cards are.
"I often daydream that my life is just as it is now...only I have well-behaved hair and I live in Paris" (thats sort of me minus the living in paris part)
 "life is far too short not to have a little umbrella in your drink."(thats devon, definitely devon)

and for the teacher in the house(betty morgan starting 3rd grade this year):
"A good education can change anyone. but a good teacher can change everything."

 "I just dont like to see you waste your time on silly things" he said "well then" she said "close your eyes." (this just goes to our manly men who don't understand a good craft day)

and here is how we decided to hang them...nothing fancy but it adds some color to an awkward apartment entrance

I also found this at goodwill a while back...

and finally with a little help from dad and his wood shop got to work on it. I forgot to take a picture post-primer but ,like I said, I learn that it's important to use a primer when you are painting something that isn't wood. in this case I was dealing with cheap particle board. 

once the primer dried we painted it with a satin dark brown. the key was to get it to look as good and as close to the wood piece hanging above this one in the picture below.
once the brown paint dried we went over it with this black stuff that I would call stain...but I can't remember what my dad called it. we basically just smoothed it over with a rag and made it as dark or as light as we wanted.
the piece on the wall was a Christmas present from my perfect dad. he built all three of us (me, sister, brother) one. this picture doesn't do the detail justice. now I'm going to expect a beautiful piece of furniture every year. so dad don't disappoint. 

we have also been working on another one of my thrift shop finds. (you should hear the thrill in dad's voice every time I call him from a thrift shop saying 'I just found the coolest...')
I'll have a funny story to share about how I was ripped off but it will soon be a tv/storage stand for our living room.

I'm headed to work on the Fourth of July family talent show video...your in for a real treat :)

i'm learning