Monday, June 16, 2014

lets hear it for the Dads

Happy Monday!
man what a fun weekend with the family I had. we went camping for Father's Weekend in Carabelle, FL which is about an hour south of Tallahassee so its the perfect beach get away when we don't want to drive very far. now when I say camping I mean camping in the most glamorous way an air conditioned camper with comfy beds (my friends laugh at me when i say I'm going camping) but we have really had a great time and Dad and Kelly spend most weekends somewhere in the camper with their other camper friends! I don't have much to tell because we spent most of our weekend laying on the beach, eating, or talking about what we were going to eat. back in high school I got into photography and got a beginners camera for Christmas that i just recently picked back up. last week I started to watch you tube videos on how to really use it. here's a few pictures I took with my "real" camera so excuse my shadows and photoshop skills :) 
we were down in Carabelle the weekend before Father's Day and the yellow flies ate Dad and me alive!! Kelly says it has to do with us having light eyes and her having dark eyes because she didn't have the first bite! so someone came into Dad's office last week and after seeing his legs covered in bites they told him if he painted a ball black and covered it in adhesive the yellow flies would go to that ball and not our legs...we may have looked border line redneck but we didn't care! 

I should have mentioned before that one of Kelly's sons (she has three and they are my step-brothers but the word "step" is a curse word in our family) Cody and his cute family had their camper down with us too. As huge and easy as this game looks my uncoordinated self had a hard time playing it with the 3 and 5 year old.

for Mother's Day Troupe and I, with a little help from Dad, got Kelly a paddle board and she is so awesome at it!!
Kelly is Nunny to these two cuties...I don't know about you but I have never seen another Nunny with that much skill :)
Kelly made jalapeño margaritas Saturday night that were so yummy!
one frozen can of lime-aid
fill the empty lime-aid can all the way with bud light lime
full half the lime-aid can with tequila
one jalapeño without the seeds
throw all that in the blender and its a delicious low cal marg :)    
Sunday morning Lauren (Cody's wife and these two cuties mama) Kelly, and I failed at our great idea to take Christmas card pictures. They were hot, tired, and the sun was beating down right in their little eyes. Maybe on our July 4th beach trip when it's even hotter outside we can try again :)
Avery said "I want Chelsey to pull me across the sand while i sit here" shheeshh i broke the string on the first pull
after the picture fail we came back to Dad's famous sausage twirls for's sad Dad made breakfast on his Father's Day but nobody can roll those things like him!
our sweet Abby always goes everywhere with us and I think we really wore her out this weekend :)

Dad loved his flip flops, cake, and card I'm so very lucky to have him as my Daddy <3

**if you try the margs or have any tips on photography or just want to leave a message I would love to hear from you in the comments


  1. So cute! I love it! It was a great weekend and I love the blog. May I share it?

  2. Such a fun weekend. I wish I had been there!