Tuesday, June 10, 2014

hello all

i have wanted to start a blog for about two years now but have contemplated about what to 'focus' on. this summer i have started reading several blogs for inspiration and finally figured out there is a lot i want to learn about a lot. i love music but i couldn't tell you who sings my favorite song. i love photography but i can hardly work my camera. i love interior design because i love pillows and fabric. i love baking because i have my daddy's sweet tooth. and i appreciate art but don't know...well anything about art. anyhow im no writer so hopefully you can enjoy my pictures and get some inspiration from the different things i try to teach myself. and maybe ill get better with time. 

if you follow me on instagram you know i really like to take pictures of my food. so heres my BLT from lunch today at my favorite spot in cairo

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