Wednesday, June 25, 2014

french silk girls night

Monday night some great friends and I got together to wish our sweet Carlie safe travels as she leaves us to study abroad in Italy this Thursday. we had yummy spaghetti made by Betty Morgan and I made Pioneer Women's French Silk Pie found  here . if anyone wants to surprise me with something I would love this ;) it was such a fun girls night!!

my take on the pie

 note to self: unsweetened chocolate does not taste like milk chocolate!!

 mix your sugar and softened butter


and then you begin to mix in your melted and cooled chocolate 

you will see in the actual recipe that you then mix in four cold eggs. one every five minutes. which is the most time consuming part of this no bake pie. the recipe calls for a frozen pie crust but I chose to use a completely pre made one. the only thing I did to make it a little better was brush an egg on it and toss it in the oven on 375 degrees for 5 minutes to give it that good crunchy taste. also I held off on the whipped cream topping because not everyone likes it so it was added after the pie was cut for each person. it was really the most amazing thing I have ever made and I cant wait to make it again and again!!!

we had such a fun night together and I'm so grateful they like to take pictures for my blogging <3

Riley really liked the ghetti too :)


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