Sunday, June 15, 2014

Coconut Sinkhole Cake

I'm back with a few pictures of a baking journey that I went on last week in hopes of making my Daddy his favorite coconut cake, his Mama (Nana) perfected many years ago, for our Father's Day camping trip (more on that later) So, I called out for help from my sweet Aunt Lynne who sent me the recipe word for word from Nana. Then, I set out to Publix for every ingredient the cake called for. Remember i have never done this before...

I ended up making one cake Wednesday night that tasted pretty good but fell in really bad...not that number two didn't do the same thing...but Thursday night I was determined to get it right and have one complete cake for Dad. Some of these hints might be no-brainers to most bakers but it may be funny for my family (who is probably the only kind hearts reading along) to see the mistakes I made.

Here's my sifted dry ingredient...notice the four other mixing bowls I managed to dirty up...sorry roomies :) 
 this is from cake two. from cake one I learned it is very important to let your eggs and butter get to room temperature before starting the mixing process...I'm very impatient so for cake one I didn't think it was that big of a deal

from cake one i learned to only beat your batter long enough to take a pretty picture. over beating can cause the cake to fall or be dense or something like that? 

here is two of the three layers from cake one...see how they are sinking in the center...WHY... the pan in the front $4.99 non-stick from Pubix. Pan in the back $8.99 very sticky pan from Hobby Lobby. And not that it has anything to do with my cake but that pretty white kettle is from TJ Maxx and one of the favorite things in our kitchen. 

while my layers were baking I made the filling (Dad's favorite part) 

and the icing...

the icing i made was egg whites and a few other thing so it was pretty cool to see it peak up and make so much icing from hardly anything


so this is where i got antsy and didn't wait for the layers to completely cool which might be the reason for it falling. in cake one i added shredded coconut to the filling but in cake two i thought maybe it was to heavy and didn't add it (i bet this cake is in the "NOT THAT" section of the Eat This Not That book I forgot to crop out...oops)

this is cake one. cake two pretty much looked the exact same except i put coconut all around the side. Thursday morning cake one had fallen way deeper but cake two pretty much stayed the same.

Friday before our camping trip i cut cake one up and delivered it to friends for their Daddy's or to devour themselves and then set off with a piece to get Nana Approved. She loved it!!!! 

if i don't mention my helpers they may disown me...Haley was an awesome mixer and Betty Morgan taught me how to use her fancy mixer after doing cake one with a hand held :D

follow along for Daddy's Day...

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