Wednesday, June 25, 2014

french silk girls night

Monday night some great friends and I got together to wish our sweet Carlie safe travels as she leaves us to study abroad in Italy this Thursday. we had yummy spaghetti made by Betty Morgan and I made Pioneer Women's French Silk Pie found  here . if anyone wants to surprise me with something I would love this ;) it was such a fun girls night!!

my take on the pie

 note to self: unsweetened chocolate does not taste like milk chocolate!!

 mix your sugar and softened butter


and then you begin to mix in your melted and cooled chocolate 

you will see in the actual recipe that you then mix in four cold eggs. one every five minutes. which is the most time consuming part of this no bake pie. the recipe calls for a frozen pie crust but I chose to use a completely pre made one. the only thing I did to make it a little better was brush an egg on it and toss it in the oven on 375 degrees for 5 minutes to give it that good crunchy taste. also I held off on the whipped cream topping because not everyone likes it so it was added after the pie was cut for each person. it was really the most amazing thing I have ever made and I cant wait to make it again and again!!!

we had such a fun night together and I'm so grateful they like to take pictures for my blogging <3

Riley really liked the ghetti too :)


Sunday, June 22, 2014

hello 5:00 AM nice to meet you

I have had a crazy fun filled week this week and found no good time to blog. I learned a lot about soccer, waking up at 5am, how to organize a supply closet, and heaven. maybe I should have said heaven first because it's the most important thing but thats just the order everything happen!  I'm starting to feel like people think I don't get out much because I catch myself in public places taking a picture of whatever I'm doing...and now all my friends say "oh Chelsey this is cool you should blog about it"

so here's my week in review...

 monday night four friends and I went to a pizza place here in valdosta to watch USA play in the world cup. now two out of the five of us really cared what was going on. Haley on the left in her soccer shirt for I don't even know what team and Carlie on the right posing like she is really watching the tv. they are going to hurt me for this one:) not pictured friend Ally is also a huge soccer fan who is originally from Ecuador so she likes to watch her soccer in spanish...Carlie and I agree that it is more fun to watch in spanish when they get really into and say goooooooallllllllll goooooaaaaalllllll


let me start with I hate "selfies." and I am a very awkward picture taker. I feel like that guy on that movie(sorry that doest narrow it down to much for you) that is on tv and doesn't know what to do with his hands...but this was me at 6:30am getting ready to leave valdosta for my first day of my internship in thomasville with the downtown development office. everyone there is so nice and welcomed me with a huge supply closet to organize (that they later renamed my dungeon.) **note to self don't tell your future employee that you love to organize :) 
this little guy crawled out of my car and kept me company on my morning drive
this is the cute little courtyard where I sat and waited for 8am because I overestimated my starbucks pitstop and driving time...better early than late and with this view I don't mind at all...I worked until 1 and then my dad came to the rescue and took me to lunch which was icing on the cake to my first big girl day

I haven't mentioned the amazing family that I babysit, puppysit, and housesit for. this week one of the kids sent me some snail mail from his camp and it made me so very happy :)  i have been pup/house sitting for them so yesterday i relaxed by their pool and finally read Heaven is for Real. I know I'm a little late but Carlie offered it to me a few days ago so I picked it up yesterday morning and didn't put it down. I'm sure everyone but me has read it but if you haven't do it now!! this little section really stood out to me and after finishing the book my mind kept going back to it so I thought I would share..."blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." I have seen the work of God many times through out my life and feel so blessed to know him. 
this is my stud-muffin madison. last night we went on a date to one of our favorites, cracker barrel. we're so fancy. our old souls crave those chicken and dumplin' platters. then we went to books-a-million where madison got some how to be successful book and he got me another lovey dovey novel that he pretends to enjoy listening to me tell him about. <3

now its Sunday and I'm by the pool with the pups again. they keep dropping the tennis ball at my feet so that's all for now...maybe next week I'll start on my bedroom redo and have something pretty to share. 


Monday, June 16, 2014

lets hear it for the Dads

Happy Monday!
man what a fun weekend with the family I had. we went camping for Father's Weekend in Carabelle, FL which is about an hour south of Tallahassee so its the perfect beach get away when we don't want to drive very far. now when I say camping I mean camping in the most glamorous way an air conditioned camper with comfy beds (my friends laugh at me when i say I'm going camping) but we have really had a great time and Dad and Kelly spend most weekends somewhere in the camper with their other camper friends! I don't have much to tell because we spent most of our weekend laying on the beach, eating, or talking about what we were going to eat. back in high school I got into photography and got a beginners camera for Christmas that i just recently picked back up. last week I started to watch you tube videos on how to really use it. here's a few pictures I took with my "real" camera so excuse my shadows and photoshop skills :) 
we were down in Carabelle the weekend before Father's Day and the yellow flies ate Dad and me alive!! Kelly says it has to do with us having light eyes and her having dark eyes because she didn't have the first bite! so someone came into Dad's office last week and after seeing his legs covered in bites they told him if he painted a ball black and covered it in adhesive the yellow flies would go to that ball and not our legs...we may have looked border line redneck but we didn't care! 

I should have mentioned before that one of Kelly's sons (she has three and they are my step-brothers but the word "step" is a curse word in our family) Cody and his cute family had their camper down with us too. As huge and easy as this game looks my uncoordinated self had a hard time playing it with the 3 and 5 year old.

for Mother's Day Troupe and I, with a little help from Dad, got Kelly a paddle board and she is so awesome at it!!
Kelly is Nunny to these two cuties...I don't know about you but I have never seen another Nunny with that much skill :)
Kelly made jalapeño margaritas Saturday night that were so yummy!
one frozen can of lime-aid
fill the empty lime-aid can all the way with bud light lime
full half the lime-aid can with tequila
one jalapeño without the seeds
throw all that in the blender and its a delicious low cal marg :)    
Sunday morning Lauren (Cody's wife and these two cuties mama) Kelly, and I failed at our great idea to take Christmas card pictures. They were hot, tired, and the sun was beating down right in their little eyes. Maybe on our July 4th beach trip when it's even hotter outside we can try again :)
Avery said "I want Chelsey to pull me across the sand while i sit here" shheeshh i broke the string on the first pull
after the picture fail we came back to Dad's famous sausage twirls for's sad Dad made breakfast on his Father's Day but nobody can roll those things like him!
our sweet Abby always goes everywhere with us and I think we really wore her out this weekend :)

Dad loved his flip flops, cake, and card I'm so very lucky to have him as my Daddy <3

**if you try the margs or have any tips on photography or just want to leave a message I would love to hear from you in the comments

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Coconut Sinkhole Cake

I'm back with a few pictures of a baking journey that I went on last week in hopes of making my Daddy his favorite coconut cake, his Mama (Nana) perfected many years ago, for our Father's Day camping trip (more on that later) So, I called out for help from my sweet Aunt Lynne who sent me the recipe word for word from Nana. Then, I set out to Publix for every ingredient the cake called for. Remember i have never done this before...

I ended up making one cake Wednesday night that tasted pretty good but fell in really bad...not that number two didn't do the same thing...but Thursday night I was determined to get it right and have one complete cake for Dad. Some of these hints might be no-brainers to most bakers but it may be funny for my family (who is probably the only kind hearts reading along) to see the mistakes I made.

Here's my sifted dry ingredient...notice the four other mixing bowls I managed to dirty up...sorry roomies :) 
 this is from cake two. from cake one I learned it is very important to let your eggs and butter get to room temperature before starting the mixing process...I'm very impatient so for cake one I didn't think it was that big of a deal

from cake one i learned to only beat your batter long enough to take a pretty picture. over beating can cause the cake to fall or be dense or something like that? 

here is two of the three layers from cake one...see how they are sinking in the center...WHY... the pan in the front $4.99 non-stick from Pubix. Pan in the back $8.99 very sticky pan from Hobby Lobby. And not that it has anything to do with my cake but that pretty white kettle is from TJ Maxx and one of the favorite things in our kitchen. 

while my layers were baking I made the filling (Dad's favorite part) 

and the icing...

the icing i made was egg whites and a few other thing so it was pretty cool to see it peak up and make so much icing from hardly anything


so this is where i got antsy and didn't wait for the layers to completely cool which might be the reason for it falling. in cake one i added shredded coconut to the filling but in cake two i thought maybe it was to heavy and didn't add it (i bet this cake is in the "NOT THAT" section of the Eat This Not That book I forgot to crop out...oops)

this is cake one. cake two pretty much looked the exact same except i put coconut all around the side. Thursday morning cake one had fallen way deeper but cake two pretty much stayed the same.

Friday before our camping trip i cut cake one up and delivered it to friends for their Daddy's or to devour themselves and then set off with a piece to get Nana Approved. She loved it!!!! 

if i don't mention my helpers they may disown me...Haley was an awesome mixer and Betty Morgan taught me how to use her fancy mixer after doing cake one with a hand held :D

follow along for Daddy's Day...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

muffin top?

I have had a crazy day of baking for a little surprise I have coming this weekend. Which means I'm short on words for tonight...I did stumble upon something I would have totally bought, if the price tag wasn't so silly, in the baking section of hobby lobby. 
how cute are those!?
 tomorrow I'll have something worth something I promise.

follow along...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

hello all

i have wanted to start a blog for about two years now but have contemplated about what to 'focus' on. this summer i have started reading several blogs for inspiration and finally figured out there is a lot i want to learn about a lot. i love music but i couldn't tell you who sings my favorite song. i love photography but i can hardly work my camera. i love interior design because i love pillows and fabric. i love baking because i have my daddy's sweet tooth. and i appreciate art but don't know...well anything about art. anyhow im no writer so hopefully you can enjoy my pictures and get some inspiration from the different things i try to teach myself. and maybe ill get better with time. 

if you follow me on instagram you know i really like to take pictures of my food. so heres my BLT from lunch today at my favorite spot in cairo